Sunday, January 20, 2008

Log Cabin Windows and Loft

The doors and windows arrived finally. All but 2 windows are installed right now. The builder had to use a chainsaw to carefully finish cutting the openings for them. The logs arrive with the window openings, but the log company leaves room in case the homeowner changes their mind about the size of the windows. They have dark green aluminum wood clad frames which looks so right with the color of the logs. We need to make a decision about the log stain. I want a more golden color but I'm told since it is a light color - it requires more maintenance and staining. I need to ask Sashco who will be our stain provider.
Other work that was completed this past week was the tongue and groove wood being installed in the loft ceiling. It makes the room look so massive. The 5 separate windows in the loft lets in an abundance of light into our main living area.