Saturday, January 10, 2009

Marvin's life at the log cabin

Our cat Marvin just loves it at our log cabin. Today he would like to show what cabin life is like for him.

I like to relax at the log cabin and let everyone know that this is my chair.

I love getting into nooks and crannies to hide and then pop out to scare Shelley when she walks by!

Eating is a big part of my life at the cabin. I like to nibble all day!

Sometimes I go outside on the deck and dig in the snow. But in 5 minutes I'm crying to come back in. It's too cold!

My favorite part - receiving love and being held by my mommy! I've got her wrapped around my little paw.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Headed Up North

I am headed up to our log cabin finally! After 17 agonizing days away, I am ready to hit the road! We should be up there for a week and I am so happy. (Well taking down all those Christmas decorations won't make me happy!)There are a few exciting events going on - a winter festival, a snowshoe hike and some skiing planned. Maybe even renting snowmobiles. Hoping the drive goes okay since we're under a winter storm warning. Check out all the snow in our area by looking at the snowman cam.

This photo is dedicated to Jessica at Five Pines who loves to snowmobile! Jessica - I think we'll have plenty of snow for you in Gaylord!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Something to warm you up!

lake michigan2

It is 10 degrees today in the town where my log cabin is located. Cold, right?! So I thought I would post this photo I took of Lake Michigan this past summer. Our log cabin is located on a small quiet lake which I enjoy so much (Plus that's what we could afford!) But I do love the Great Lakes of Michigan - such beautiful bodies of water. Lake Michigan is the 3rd largest Great Lake and the sixth largest freshwater lake in the world. Its shoreline is 1,638 miles! Now that's a big shoreline!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I love Guineas!


I have developed a secret obsession (well not a secret anymore after this post!) for guineas! I'm already thinking of another log home in the future where I have a lot of land and then I can have guineas roaming around like my friend Eve. Eve at Sunnyside Up is responsible for me loving these guineas as she has a big flock of them! They do the funniest things, like standing on her daughter's head, knocking on her front door to come in and watching satellite t.v. You must go to her blog and play that video of them knocking on her door - hilarious!! And their feathers - they are so beautiful! Eve sent me some that I put in a vase. Yep, I'm obsessed!

My husband is shaking his head and saying "Shelley, I let you have a cat. I'm going to let you have a big dog. There's no room for the goat. And what do these guineas do?"

Honey, it doesn't matter. I just love them!

P.S. Thank you Eve for letting me post your wonderful photos!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Log cabin puzzle & going bananas

Dawnie of Dawnies Life by the Sea has been talking about puzzles and it got me thinking. I think it would be fun to put together some puzzles when we're up at the log cabin, but how about making one from one of our photos to make it more personalized?! I found several places that do this, check out: Positively Puzzled, Laser Novelty Gifts, and Jigsaw to Order. Prices are reasonable and you can preview how your photo would look like I've posted above. I can't wait for it to arrive! I'm also going to order extra to have as memento gifts for our guests. So if you come over, you may get a puzzle besides being told to remember your slippers as the hardwood floors get cold at the cabin!

I also wanted to thank Wixy at Wixy's gone bananas for one of his top banana awards. Mine was for the "Abe Lincoln eat your heart out" award. Wixy has a great blog and great taste in blogging friends. Be sure to check out his site!