Friday, February 1, 2008

Half Log Wall

Though we went with a full log home with our log cabin kit, it was recommended to us to have a half log wall on the lake side of the cabin due to all the windows we have. Additionally it would make the wall more insulated from the lake wind. When you look at the loft windows - you can't tell it's half log. It looks great and still has that authentic log cabin feel. Another benefit is if something is wrong with that half log - we can remove and replace easily. It would be more difficult to do with our full log walls so yearly maintenance will be at the top of our priority list. The construction crew started the half log gabling on the exterior wall the other day when it was 40 degrees in Gaylord. Today it is lightly snowing and about 25 degrees so needless to say they will be working inside. I'm looking forward to going "Up North" on Sunday to check their progress.