Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Out and about the log cabin

One of Greg's best friends and his family came to visit us at the cabin this past weekend. With their 4 kids and my stepson - they out-numbered the adults. I won't even tell you about the volume level......

Greg and his buddy went out onto the lake to check the ice fishing conditions. Later on they caught a nice pike!

Of course we had to take everyone to see the elk herd in Gaylord, Michigan. The city maintains an elk herd of over 70 elk on about 104 acres. It's amazing to get so close to these beautiful animals. Some weigh over 800 pounds!

Here's our friend's children posing in front of the elk park.

And of course Scout was beside herself - so many children to love and lick! I think it was the only time she left my side for more than 5 minutes!

*We're expecting 12 inches of snow tonight in lower Michigan - they are saying it will be blizzard conditions and that it will be "thundering" tonight. Should be an interesting drive to work tomorrow! To my mid-west friends - stay warm and safe!