Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

In case you haven't guessed, today is my birthday! Ha! That baby with the smirk on its face in the above photo is me. I'm with my parents, grandparents and my favorite Uncle.

So far it's been a great birthday! Hubby gave me a gift certificate to a day at the spa (and he has another surprise gift for me!) Wixy wrote me the best birthday poem ever on his blog - check it out here. Some of you dear blogger friends wished me happy birthday on my facebook page - thank you! I'm going to lunch w/ my sister and mom. And then for dinner - w/ my dad, stepmom and hubby.

And hopefully there's a cake along the way....I love cake....have I told you that already? I'm dreaming of a multi-layered buttercream cake with chopped nuts...hmmm....okay, enough of my cake obsession!

P.S. I wonder what Scout gave me? Besides underwear! HA! (See below's post if you missed it.) Have a great day blogger friends! I'll be announcing a giveaway very soon....

Thursday, December 3, 2009


"Hi there! I'm stepping in for my mommy today while she's studying. I upset her a little bit today when I took a pair of her underpants and ran in the yard with it waving it like a flag! You should've seen her chasing me! Especially when the neighbor that lives in back of us came outside w/ his dogs and saw what I was doing. I think the last straw was when I started digging a hole and burying the underwear in the dirt. That's a no-no! And mommy is still scratching her head trying to figure out how I got that underwear! But I'll never tell..."