Monday, January 14, 2008

Inside the Log Cabin

More interior construction work going on in the log cabin this week. The log staircases were installed (one going to the loft and one going to the basement.) The one thing we didn't plan for was how wide the stairs are. It ending up eating more living room space then we would've liked. In retrospect, our log cabin should have been bumped out a few more feet to accommodate this staircase.

In the kitchen, we are having the builder do custom cabinetry with the tongue & groove wood. No decision yet on the type of countertop.

The doors and windows will finally be delivered today. Now the builder can take the tarp off the openings and I won't have to worry about bears and other critters coming to visit.

Now we have to make decisions on all the fun stuff such as appliances, light fixtures, bathroom vanities and floor coverings.