Friday, August 1, 2008

Another log cabin guest is coming

My sister and her husband are coming for their first visit to the log cabin. Why this is significant - my sister is not exactly an outdoors person (unless she's running marathons.) I have to laugh - she said when I met my husband, that I started dressing like I was going to gut a deer! (I wear suits to work, so it's nice to throw on jeans and t shirts on the weekend.) She likes to shop, run marathons and have quiet weekends. I love the outdoors, socializing and getting my hands dirty. I am hoping to show her another view of northern Michigan - to see nature's beauty at its best. Also, the imp is coming out in me so I am thinking wouldn't it be funny if I put a small painted turtle in her bed? Or wait until she is floating in the lake and yell "watch out for the snapping turtle!" Okay, okay - that might not go over well...but hey, we're sisters!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Milling the logs at Hiawatha Log Homes

When I went for my training at Hiawatha Log Homes, I was looking forward to seeing the log milling in action. When you witness the logs being cut and milled, you realize what a precise art this is as well as how dangerous. It takes extremely skilled and patient people to prepare these logs. Here is a rough, simple version of the process:

The logs are being kiln dried to reduce the moisture in the logs so you don't have as much settling. A moisture content of 19% or less is the standards set by the Log Home Council.

Here is a Norway Red Pine log being milled.

Look how talented this lady is! See how smooth the log is.

The logs are numbered and stacked into piles to get ready for delivery to the future log home owner!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I have my own Loons!

I had been hoping that my male Loon would be able to find a mate on our little lake at the log cabin. Last weekend he did! I believe it is too late in the season for them to have Loon babies but hopefully next summer they will be successful. For more photos and the whole story -please visit my birding blog: or click on the title of this post to link you - that's if you like Loons!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Log Cabin Projects

Greg and I had a nice weekend to complete many projects at our log cabin.

Hung this chickadee picture in our hallway that was painted from a local Gaylord artist. It's a picture of a chickadee that she rescued that was booted out of its nest from another bird. She would hold the baby in her hand while the parents would come to still feed it.

Cleaned up the deck, checked for loose spindles. Still have more caulking to do.

Purchased a closet system from Lowes. Greg installed this all by himself. (Well, I handed him the drill, hammer and screws so I helped a little bit, ha!)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Guest room at the Log Cabin

I'm working on getting the guest room at our log cabin complete by next month. It has the view, new comfy bed, a quaint chair and a clock to tell them what time to get out (just kidding!) I want to hang another picture or two and then get a nice antique type headboard to keep with my relaxing bird/cottage theme in that bedroom. Someone told me to check out craig's list - has anyone had much luck with that?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Log Cabin Family Room

I'm still in the process of getting our main level family room in order at our log cabin. I'm trying to create a cozy, conversational area with the couches and 2 chairs. Now I'm on the hunt for a nice coffee table and a fireplace (I may get an electric one.) What I really like about this area is that we don't need a t.v. - just some people, good conversation and a great view of the lake. We are going to finish the walkout basement to create a recreation room so the hubby can sneak a big screen t.v. and a bar down there. (Also his stuffed fox with the pheasant in his mouth!!)