Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Wonderland

I love all seasons and winter is no different. I think in finding many activities to do in winter such as skiing and snow shoeing, it makes the cold more tolerable. Our cabin is located in a snowbelt in Northern Michigan - and this makes my dog Scout beyond happy. (Greg has been grumbling about all the shoveling, but really all he's doing is the deck. We got a snow plow guy for the driveway.)

Here's Scout guarding all her snow.

Greg shoveled the deck. I was too busy feeding and talking to the birds.

My bird feeders have been so busy. Almost had the nuthatch eat out of my hand. The chickadees always do and scold me while they do it.

How much snow do you have? I was thinking about making a snowman but I figured Scout would canabalize it shortly after. Just how much snow can a dog eat?!