Thursday, July 24, 2008

Building a Loon's nest

On top of the kitchen cupboards, I am building a Loon's nest. It seems appropriate since we named our Log Cabin "The Loon's Nest." I have a couple Loon decoys, bird houses, greenery, a goldfinch in the nest. I need more Loons. Now I'm thinking I have to find that elusive electrician to put a plug up there for me so at Christmas time I can plug in some white lights behind the Loons and birdhouses. Maybe I'll have white lights up there year round! Maybe the Loons would like other friends such as Wood Duck?! Hmm...I can see I'm already running out of cupboard space.

P.S. If you like wooden duck decoys, I found a great price for them online at Moose-R-Us

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A great day at the Log Cabin

I live for the weekends when we can be up at our log cabin. Once we're there, I feel more alive and my spirit is nourished. It's easy to have a great day at the log cabin...

Watching the black squirrel jump from tree to tree to get closer to the bird feeders.

Standing on our deck, breathing in the fresh air.

Seeing the sunlight pour into our loft windows.

Watching my hubby enjoy his Christmas gift out on the lake.

And of course Marvin sunning himself in the log cabin. It's all good!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Little Bradford Lake

Our log cabin is located on quiet Little Bradford Lake. I love that it is a no-wake lake. I appreciate being able to hear the birds, or swim without being mowed down by a jet ski (that's what the neighboring lake is for - Big Bradford!)

I've been hoping for a Loon pair to come onto our lake - I believe they have enough "runway" to land and take off, the water is clean and there is good fishing too. I've been monitoring the Loon pair on Big Bradford and recently when they chased off a loon invader (see my Territorial Loon post on )I was so happy to see the invader land on our lake. Please, please stay. You'll like it here! Now you just need to find a mate...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Log Cabin at Night

There is something so mystical about seeing the Log Cabin lit up at night. I can't wait for this winter to see the cabin covered with snow at night, have a fire burning (wait, I don't have a fireplace yet...)and seeing it look like a picture out of Currier & Ives. (Yes, I daydream quite a bit!) I'm thinking the Log Cabin also needs a couple more lights underneath the roof eaves. My Log Cabin projects continue....