Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Small Town Fun

I think one of the best things me and Greg did was select a "small town" in which to base our log cabin. It's nice to escape from the concrete jungle. And doesn't it seem like the small towns always have the nicest events and friendliest people?

One evening we headed downtown.....

I packed up my wine backpack with "spirits" and cheese. (Special thanks to one of my friends for getting us this gift for our wedding - best gift ever!)

And we headed to the town pavilion to listen to the local orchestra play a summer concert.

They played a tribute to Frank Sinatra as well as many other favorites. My in-laws loved it. (On the other hand, my pre-teen nephew and stepson were begging for ice cream money but I think they managed to listen to a few tunes...)

Now I must admit, I wasn't sure if I should have brought my wine backpack. (Greg's mom was glad I did! Ha!) And during the concert, I noticed this elderly lady staring at me and my backpack. At the end of the concert she approached me and I thought "uh oh, I offended someone." Instead she smiled and said "now that's the way to enjoy a summer concert!" I knew I loved this town......

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Love of a child and dog

Greg's best friend and his 2 boys came to visit us at the cabin this weekend. Scout loves all kids but was particularly enthralled with the youngest one. Scout loved him immediately and followed him all around. My heart melted to see these two together. Can you see the connection in the photo? I still can't stop saying Aw!