Friday, May 23, 2008

Interior Updates to the Log Cabin

The Log Cabin is still progressing - soon it will be a log home!

The stove was finally connected yesterday. We have to stain the lower cabinets but 3 of the doors still have not arrived. Now I'm convinced the cabinet maker is out with the electrician man fishing. They may even be brothers.

I added some small decorative touches to the bathroom such as a mosaic candle holder and a silk flower plant to which my husband exclaimed "What is the chick thing doing here?"

I found this wildlife tapestry for the hallway.

Still need a headboard for the bed but doesn't this cat look great on it? (To those not familiar with previous posts - my husband has stated he does not want the cat on our couch, bed and kitchen counters.) Well one out of three isn't bad. :-)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Friends I've made at the Log Cabin

I've made several friends at our log cabin. Being in a wooded setting, all sorts of great creatures come your way. My noisiest friends are by far the Chickadees and the Nuthatches who clearly like to inform me when to fill my bird feeder. The black and gray squirrel need some manners about the bird feeders but they do make up for it with all their chases and amusing antics. My turtle is a little shy but does make an appearance here and there. The Bald Eagles that fly over the lake are great teachers of beauty and freedom. The Loons treat me to the most beautiful, haunting music on the lake. The chipmunk has shown me how the dead tree in our yard is actually the "tree of life" for him and the birds. For that, I will never cut it down. I'm looking forward to the many more friends I will make and the lessons they will teach me...