Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tree of Life

We are headed up to the log cabin tonight for a much needed getaway weekend. The hubby had a rough week at work (due in part to a criminally acting ex-employee) and if I told you what happened, you would be as outraged as me. So I am swooping my husband up and taking him to our log kingdom. I think the cabin will take away the stress. We will go snow shoeing and look up into the trees and appreciate their beauty. We will forget about bad people in the world and instead think about the good ones we know. We will breathe in the fresh air and look at all the miracles of life that surround us.

P.S. Don't forget to enter my giveaway posted below!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Giveaway from the Log Cabin!

Time for a GIVEAWAY from the log cabin!

Recently, I opened an on-line store featuring my photography on gift items. You may have seen my store on the sidebar of this blog. A portion of the sales are being donated to my favorite nature and wildlife organizations (my number one charity being the
Michigan Loon Preservation Association.) In celebration of my opening, I would like to give away a few gifts from my site. The winner will receive 2 gifts. Here's the rules:

1. U.S. Resident only
2. Haven't won one of my previous giveaways
3. Must have a blog
3. Visit my site: and select one favorite item you would like to have from one of the following categories only: Greeting Cards, Magnets, Keychain or Buttons. No other categories are part of this giveaway. Thank you! Once you've decided, post your choice back here on my blog. Example: Shelley would like the redpoll keychain.
4. If you win, you will be given that item. If you are the first winner drawn, you will get a bonus gift.
5. There will be 3 lucky winners.
6. If you post my giveaway on your blog - I will give you three extra entries. Just let me know you did so.
7. Deadline for entering is midnight on Saturday, February 28th. Winner will be drawn on March 1.

Good luck and thank you for visiting me! I hope you enjoy Shelley's Nature Store!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Retail Therapy

I think everyone in bloggyland knows how disappointed I was that we weren't able to make it to the log cabin this weekend. Well I'm done complaining! I did a little "retail therapy" and headed over to one of my favorite bargain stores (Garden Ridge) to pick up some home items for the log cabin! (P.S. While I do love that store, I am confused why they never have enough people at the cash register but 20 people out on the floor socializing. Hello people?!)

Isn't this an adorable little bird feeder? I will set it on the deck railing and fill it with some treats!

Aren't these metal stars great? I've decided on a more rustic - hint of cowboy theme for the loft. I bought 2 large bronze metal stars to hang on the wall.

Well now that I have the metal star wall hangings, I had to have this star lamp on the right! (Usually I'm not so matchy.) This lamp was only $10!! Yes, you heard me right, $10!!

Doesn't an Adirondack rocker sound great for the deck? Rocking back and forth with a daiquiri in my hand and looking out at the lake....
I didn't buy any yet cuz they're not on sale. But soon they will be and I'll snap up two of these!

Well thanks for joining my retail therapy session! Be sure to check back on Tuesday for details of my GIVEAWAY! I appreciate all of you who visit (even the lurkers who don't leave comments! ha, ha!)