Saturday, August 1, 2009

I miss my puppy!

We head back to Michigan on Saturday morning and I'm looking forward to seeing my puppy!

I have to say that Wisconsin is a beautiful state! I had such a great time at the log home training and meeting all the other people. (I recently joined Expedition Log Homes as a dealer. The previous company I worked for unfortunately went out of business.) I have some great mill photos to share with you later this week.

I had our breeder watch Scout and knew she would have a good time with the other dogs there. The above photo is of Scout greeting and kissing her mom. It was so sweet!

Looking forward to catching up with all of you! Let me know if I missed something major! (Betsy, Leedra and Mildred - weren't you glad you had a break from reading my 50 blogs? Ha,ha!)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Missing the lake

We weren't able to go to the cabin this past weekend and won't be able to this weekend. I leave for Wisconsin for log home training and am hoping their weather is better than Michigan's right now.

Between the puppy (I feel like I'm busier than Octomom! Really!) and getting ready to go back to school (another story!) - it seems like I'm out of time. So I'm missing the lake, missing the cabin and of course missing my bloggy friends! I promise to be back visiting your blogs regularly soon! And I think it's time for another giveaway.....