Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Catching up

Whew - I'm done with school finals! Got a 3.42 this semester (B in anatomy, A+ in writing) so I'm thrilled about that. Anatomy was tough! And I had 2 semesters of it so I'll take my "B" and be very happy!

We are heading up to the cabin and will be there for a few weeks. Have various friends coming to visit s0 I've been planning my menu and fun things to do. I have my guest rules:
1. Do eat all my food.
2. Do not put any strange objects in the toilet.
3. Tell Scout how pretty she is.

Pretty simple.

I"m looking forward to gathering more wildflower bouquets like this one from last week and placing one in the guest room.

Whoops, Scout wanted me to remind you of one other guest rule - it's actually for the men. If you have to do #2, please do it in the downstairs bathroom! Ha!
(Yes, I know that was totally inappropriate to post but you should all know me by now...)