Saturday, August 9, 2008

Why you should check the trees around your log home!

We had a bad storm a few weeks ago and the limbs of an old Maple tree came crashing down. As you can see from the photos below, this is good example of why you should check the trees around a log home (or any home for that matter.) These limbs fell within 3 feet of our log home. We were lucky it didn't go through our roof or windows. A local tree service company came out and removed all the fallen branches within a couple hours. They made woodchips out of the old limbs and I was glad we were able to use it for our path to the lake. Now I'm checking the other trees - especially to make sure no branches are touching our logs so that tree sap doesn't get on them and compromise them. I am a big conservationist at heart so I try to remove as little as possible. After all, my original dream was to have a log cabin in the woods - not a log cabin on a bare lot!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Log Home Moment

Kayaking has its advantages. I was able to shoot this picture of the lakeside view of our log home. There is still a little more clearing to do. I'm trying very had to balance that with my love of wildlife habitat (as well as obeying the DEQ guidelines.) There are still some trees that are too close to our cabin that will need to be removed. Tree sap can compromise the logs so I have to make sure the branches don't touch our log home. Additionally, the last storm we had brought down some large, heavy limbs which ended up about 3 feet from our home - we got lucky that they didn't smash through our front windows. Oh the joys of log home ownership...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Path to the lake

Due to wetlands between our log home property and the lake, we have to follow DEQ rules for accessing the lake. We are creating a path 75% of the way to the lake with mulch that was created from a storm damaged maple tree. The tree removal service chipped them up for us and hubby has been diligently cutting away the brush. Once he completes the path to the boundary we are allowed, then we have to find a rolling dock system that will enable us to access the lake directly. For now, we've been using the public boat launch for our kayaks and fishing boat. I cannot wait until I can take a dive into the water from my own dock!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Phase I - Landscaping the Log Cabin

Phase I of landscaping the log cabin has begun! First we are having the lot graded. There were so many rooty branches sticking out of the ground after construction. We hired this guy to grade the lot, prep a driveway and put the mulch out. The trees and bushes won't go in until fall - which is one of the best times to plant in Michigan, that and spring. After grading the lot on Friday he said he would be back the next day to finish. When I left the cabin on Sunday, he hadn't been back. Maybe I get to keep his tractors?! Perhaps I should give them a spin?

See my new tractor on the right?

One day this sign will actually be telling the truth!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Come visit our log cabin

It was clear and sunny up at our log cabin this weekend. We had a great time with my sister and my brother-in-law. We had a whole host of visitors....

Female Grosbeak

Mr. Chipmunk hosting the birds at the birdfeeder....

The chickadee and housefinch having their own social gathering....

"Hey sis! Watch out for the snapping turtles!!!"
P.S. She wasn't fazed.