Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Birds at the Log Cabin

One of the things I love about where our log cabin is located is all the bird watching opportunities. This past weekend I witnessed a Loon pair in love on our lake and I am hoping we have a couple loon chicks this year.

I've picked up a few new bird houses to put on top of our kitchen cupboards. Hobby Lobby has great birdhouses by the way.

The juncos are still plentiful which indicates how long winter hung on in Michigan this year. I like juncos, they're such friendly, hopping birds.

Sparrows are usually a dime a dozen, but I do think the Tree Sparrows are cute.

And here's my favorite little Chickadee - not a bird but my lovely niece of course! She has a megawatt personality and owns my heart. (I won't mention her pinching me and laughing last week....ha,ha!)