Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tree Seedlings

For some reason today, I cannot upload pictures into my blog posting. Right now I'm sitting in the parking lot of a Bigby's coffee - up north - 30 degree weather - very windy. But being the blog junkie that I am, I had to do at least 1 posting today! Greg bought over 100 tree seedlings (some of these he is planting at his parents place to sell in the future) from the Otsego Conservation district. At our log cabin, we are going to plant some red pine, norway spruce, cedar and various flowering bushes that will encourage a wildlife habitat. Tomorrow I will post pictures. Right now the back of our lot looks like a nuclear holocaust as they finished the septic drain field and back filled the lot. Looking forward to some greenery!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Vote and win a subscription to the Country's Best Log Homes

I am addicted to reading Log Home magazines. The photos of other log homes are just stunning and the things dreams are made of. I've clipped many an article that had a great idea back in the days when I was just dreaming about my log cabin. My thought was one day I would need it! So now I'm asking everyone to vote and help me name my log cabin. Sandy is right - there should be a prize. (And thanks to Violet Lady - I'm using her idea of giving away a magazine subscription.) And whether you own a log home or not, I think you will enjoy the "Country's Best Log Homes." Please leave a comment here and a link back to your blog. I will do a random drawing on Monday, May 5th. Good luck and thank you for voting! (*Sorry, U.S. Residents only.)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Vote to name our Log Cabin!

I need a name for the Log Cabin! I have done relentless searches on the Internet, looked over names of Log Cabin Resorts (I thought Colorado would have had better names) and asked family and friend's opinion. It's so hard to decide. I'm trying to make the name meaningful to our Log Cabin site and our family. I've listed the reasons why I've chosen each name below. Please vote in the right sidebar. Thank you! (And if there is any other name you think I should consider, please post them here!)

  1. The Loon's Nest (I love Loons and there's a nesting pair on our lake)

  2. Tall Timbers (that is the name of our log home design)

  3. Lone Pine Lodge (I only have 1 pine tree of any significant size on our property - hoping to plant more this summer)

  4. Moose Tracks Cabin (I love moose)

  5. Bradford Lake Cabin (Our cabin is located on Bradford Lake)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Naming the Log Cabin

I found this great website - Border Country Sign Company - . What drew me to their site was information on naming your log cabin and the wonderful sign examples that they have. I like their quote in regards to naming your place "Own it, claim it, name it!" This is exactly what I would like to do for our place - instead of just saying to people "come on up to the log cabin." I want it to be meaningful and representative of our family. Our log cabin represents a way of life and I would like to convey that. Kara of Border Country Signs wrote an article for Midwest Outdoors Magazine and says:
"As your new guests search that cabin road for your vacation home, how easy it is to find you? With a welcoming sign at the end of your drivueway, it would be simple. Stake claim to your property and come up with a name that shows your less serious side! Your cabin is where you let your hair down and be a tad whimsical. There are no rules for creating a name. Something as simple as just your last name, "The Anderson’s" or "The Jone’s Cabin" is enough to show ownership. But this is something you could have a lot of fun with and I hope these tips will help. No one else needs to understand the meaning behind it, they just need to see it! (Just make sure your sign isn’t too small!)
Naming your property can be deemed similar to the process of naming your boat. People put a lot of thought into coming up with just the right title. This tradition has been around for centuries but nowadays doesn’t serve too much of a purpose, it’s all in fun. Folks will say that a boat without a name is like a dog without a bone and refer to it as an "orphan." The name christening process for a boat is to break a bottle of champagne on the bow. That is a ritual that I am sure takes place in many forms when the papers have been signed for that new cabin. "

I think I'll post our cabin name ideas for a vote by my visitors - so please watch for it this week. (I'm still trying to come up with a variety to choose from.) Kara at Border Country Signs was kind enough to give me permission to use information and pictures from her website. Check em out! Let me know what you think!