Sunday, March 6, 2011

Finishing the Cabin Basement

We've had the cabin for almost three years now and we've finally reached the point to finish our walk-out basement. I'm looking forward to using it as additional entertaining space. Greg has visions of putting animal heads on the wall....seriously, he's going to get me kicked out of my membership to Defenders of Wildlife & The National Wildlife Federation! :-)

Anyways, we decided to do the walls in tongue & groove wood to continue our theme. One of my unnamed relatives likes to remark about our cabin "it's too bad you don't have a wall to paint." It's a log cabin! And also I'm too lazy to paint walls......hee,hee!

Here's phase 1 - first wall is done and so is the stair landing.

Anyways, while Greg is dreaming about his potential man cave, I'm thinking about where the wine cellar is going to go......