Thursday, August 20, 2009

Making friends on the kayak

It's time for me to take you on another kayak ride. The sun is out, a little warm at 80 degrees but we'll feel cooler once we're out on the lake. Are you ready?

Let's paddle at a leisurely pace and see what we can find.

Here is one of the many water lilies that float on our lake.

Look up ahead! Do you see something in that tall birch tree? Let's get a little closer.

Well it's Harry the Blue Heron! He thinks we can't see him and I'm glad. It allows us enough time to admire his beauty and snap a few shots.

Whoops - looks like he has an itch! We'll just give him some privacy and keep paddling.

Look - there's a family of ducks up ahead. Let's paddle over there.

Well aren't they a fine looking family! They're quacking now, so I'm going to leave them be. Now I hear something else across the lake....

Scout is barking at us from the deck of the log cabin. We better head back and give her a biscuit. Hope you enjoyed today's kayak ride. Scout said next time she would like to ride in the kayak with one of you. Any takers?

Monday, August 17, 2009

This cracks me up!

We're back from a long weekend at the log cabin. The weather was great and it was nice to spend time outdoors. Greg did some fishing with my stepson and I spent time kayaking and taking photos.

But I digress.....I know Greg is going to kill me but I just had to post this photo! Greg was trying to show Scout that it was okay to sleep in the the crate.....

Are you laughing??????? Cuz I still am!!!