Saturday, April 12, 2008

Snow and unfinished business at the cabin

It is 32 degrees and snowing in Gaylord today! Where is spring? After I filled my bird feeders this morning, I had flocks of juncos, nuthatches and chickadees swarming them. But the lake is breaking up and we even saw a Canadian goose swimming in a small open pool of water. We spent the day shopping (to my husband's dismay) for more items for the cabin. Our fridge was delivered, we picked up some rugs (including this carpet runner pictured here in the hallway) and another bed. I've invited some friends to come up to the cabin in a few weeks so the pressure is on to get the cabin a little more complete. I'm pushing Greg to hang up the other set of blinds. This wasn't easy since last week the screws weren't cooperating and it involved a lot of swearing on his part to get the first ones up. Our lot is perfect right now for someone who wants to four wheel in some mud! Looking forward to dry weather and counting down the days till my builder's return.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My guest bedroom is better

Last weekend when we were at the log cabin, I realized my guest bedroom is better than my master bedroom. How so you ask? Well for one thing, look at all the sunlight that pours into this room! This is what morning is like in the guest bedroom. Not so much in my room. Second thing - the view is better at the guest room's smaller window. You see the undeveloped wooded lot with large maple and pine trees. In my room, my small window has a direct view of the propane tank. Also - I think the birch tree I can see from there is dying. Well I guess before I start feeling sorry for myself, I remember that my guests will think I'm such a good host for providing them with the "best room." (And oh yeah -I have the big double closet - not so bad! ha,ha).

Monday, April 7, 2008

One at a time

I feel like I'm on a treasure hunt as I pick up items for the log cabin one at a time. I'm a very careful person and want to make sure I don't regret any purchases. I have a binder filled with cut out images from log cabin magazines to give me decorating ideas. I found this great lamp pictured here at Advance Lighting in Gaylord. I like it for its metal base that resembles a tree trunk. Now where to put it.... Right now I have it on the kitchen counter.

* Click on the photo to view the details in a larger version.