Saturday, April 5, 2008

A couch and a loon for the log cabin

I am happy to say that we moved our crimson red couch into the log cabin this weekend. Me and the hubby moved it ourselves. (24 hour notice was not sufficient for the furniture place. We even tried bribing them with extra money...I thought it was a tough luck.) But I was bound and determined to get that couch in this weekend. My hubby was skeptical and made me practice lifting it at the furniture store (I'm sure the people there were laughing.) As soon as we got it in and I determined my back wasn't broken, Greg (a.k.a. hubby) said the cat was not allowed on the couch. Try telling that to a cat! Anyways, I snapped this photo of the cat on the couch while hubby was outside with a project.
Also, I found this cute Loon cookie jar (pictured above.) Now I have to go make cookies for the hubby, especially once he sees this picture of the cat.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Log Stacking Memories

I was just thinking today of how amazing it is on how the log cabin has come together. It is logs stacked together! It sounds so simple but yet when you see the crew up in the boom truck lowering the logs when snow is blowing in their face, making sure the log beams are spaced apart evenly, fastening each log, etc. - then you realize what skill it takes to build a log cabin. The building conditions were not ideal either- it was a cold, snowy winter in Gaylord. Often times they would have to shovel snow out of the cabin before they could go back to stacking logs. I took advantage of their outdoor bonfire many times when I came to check on their progress. And now as spring is upon us and I'm looking at my perfectly stacked logs, I am aware of what true craftsmanship is involved with our log cabin. (Shout out to the construction crew! I think I owe them some beers too...)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Getting ready to move into the log cabin

Our log cabin (soon to be log 'home') passed inspection! I am so excited to drive up north this weekend to check it out and bring some things up. Our builder will be out of my clutches for the next couple weeks in Florida. Hopefully when he comes back, the ground will be thawed and the weather will cooperate for our remaining exterior items. I'm sure I'm being overly optimistic on how fast it will warm up...but a girl can dream! I was going through all my "old stuff" at my house that I thought should go up to the cabin (silverware from my bachelorette days, a loon picture, extra kitchen utensils, etc.) But I also want a lot of "new stuff" to christen the cabin. I think my sales have gotten better at work because all I think about is what that commission can buy for the log cabin. And I'm sure my husband and his wallet are getting ready to take cover from me....