Thursday, October 16, 2008

Log Cabin Projects

We are headed up to our log cabin this weekend to enjoy some more of Fall's colors as well as work on our projects. Our builder Randy has made good headway on our punch list items and there is only a couple more for him to do such as putting flashing in on the front of the cabin near the deck, repairing the bathroom drain and putting "weep" holes in our log deck railing outside. These weep holes will allow the water to drain thru which will be especially important this winter. I also need to get a quote for putting cultured stone on the exterior foundation. We decided against using our own rocks we gathered once we learned it might not stick as well. Randy may be hunting so I might have to chase him down next week....

Greg and I have our own list too - finish sanding the basement log stairs, getting the loft set up (it's pretty bare) and odds & ends such as hanging a bathroom mirror and pictures. I feel like with every little thing we do, we are turning our log cabin into a log home!

Right now the loft only has a queen and twin bed - nothing else. Have to get some furniture and nice rustic decorative items.

Of course I have to make time to go kayaking on our lake!

I think my fall decorations are complete except placing some pumpkins on our deck. I have a feeling the squirrels will shred them within a week!

Cat Nap

I think Marvin the cat is dreaming about going up to the log cabin this weekend. I better get his cat carrier ready. Either that, or he's tired from helping me blog. What do you think?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tete a Tete

When I used to pour through my log home magazines (okay - I still do!) - I loved how people created conversation areas in their open living space - a "Tete a Tete." When I looked up the definition, it states that a Tete a Tete is 1. private conversation between two persons and 2. A sofa for two, especially an s-shaped one allowing the occupants to face each other.
Hmm....I don't have the s-shaped sofa, but I think my makeshift Tete a Tete will do. So please have a seat, let me grab you a hot chocolate with marshmallows and we'll look out at the lake and discuss when we think the first snow flake will fall!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Windows in a log cabin

Secondary to the logs, it's the windows that make a log home too in my opinion. You want to capture the great views of your property as well as have energy efficient windows that save you money on your heating bills. I love when I'm inside our log home and am still able to see a great view of the lake and trees as well as observing the birds on our feeders. Check out some of these views from the inside of our log home:


Front wall facing the lake.

French Doors

Close up view of a portion of the loft windows.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Interview with the Mister of the log cabin!

I thought today it would be interesting to hear from Greg and share his thoughts on our log home as well as get a "man's" perspective.

I told him I'd ask the questions and he answer with the first thing that comes off the top of his head. This could be dangerous! Here goes:

Me: How do you like our log home so far?
Greg: I enjoy it very much!

Me: What's your favorite thing about our log home?
Greg: The windows overlooking the lake.

Me: Least favorite?
Greg: We should've went a little bit bigger.

Me: Where do you plan on putting that boat, ATV and all those trailers you have currently stored on the side of our property?
Greg: In a garage I intend to build.

Me (coughing): When do you think this will happen?
Greg: I don't know.

Me: When you see our neighbor's goat named Sugar - do you think "aw I went to pet her" or "oh I'd like to shoot her because I'm a big hunter?"
Greg: I'd like to shoot her. (Blog readers - he is just kidding....really!)

Me: Speaking of hunting, what do you think the chances are that I'll allow you to put up another animal head in the living area?
Greg: 100%. (I checked - he hadn't been drinking when he answered this.)

Me: How would you have decorated this place differently?
Greg: I would've hung up some guns & fishing poles.

Me: What do you plan on doing in the basement?
Greg: Finishing it off and making a bar and rec room.

Me: What's the funniest thing that's happened at our cabin so far?
Greg: When I left the door wall open and went fishing for three hours and then found Marvin the cat outside in the woods. (I was a little perturbed....)

Me: If you could invite any famous person to our log cabin, who would it be?
Greg: Hemmingway.

Me: Who would win in an arm wrestling match between you and our builder Randy?
Greg: Randy!