Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Quick Question!

Do you think I need to throw this bird feeder away?

Some updates: School is going well! I was recently inducted into Phi Theta Kappa which is an honors program for community colleges. Greg is joking now he's married to a sorority girl! Okay - then on spring break, he better take me to Florida!

Also, I've been volunteering at a local hospital and just love it. The highlight of my week last week is when this angry man was yelling and swearing at a fellow volunteer next to me because he felt like she gave him inadequate directions. When he left, I asked the woman "Who is that?" She replied "The pastor!" LOL!!!!

I miss all of you and will be around to visit. (I miss your humor Suz & Jen, I miss your stories and history Betsy, I miss your decorating Penny, I miss your comments Wendy a.k.a. little sis, I miss your projects Sandi, I miss all your interesting tidbits Mildred - and so much more!) Please let me know if I've missed anything!