Thursday, July 2, 2009

Scout & Marvin's side of the story

Scout's version: I am a very good girl. I come when I'm called and I already sit. I'm very cuddly and follow my mom all over the house. My favorite toy is my rope bunny rabbit. I take lots of puppy naps. I have not nipped at Marvin the cat whatsoever and if he just gives me a chance we can play very nicely. Woof, woof!

Marvin's version: Oh please, I'm so OVER this puppy! Did you know she ate her poop yesterday? She's also peed in her crate twice. And about the toys, I've seen her go after mommy and daddy's shoes. As for playing nicely, if you call chasing me around the house wanting to play nice - then I have a cat condo I want to sell you in the middle east! I've had to slap this youngster on the nose twice - just so she knows - I'm the BOSS of the house. Cats rule. Meow.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Log Cabin Cooking

I'm really hooked right now on this easy chicken recipe I found using Kellogg Corn Flakes. It's so quick to prepare and I think it's so tasty - perfect for log cabin cooking cuz lord knows I don't like to spend hours in the kitchen! I'd rather be in my kayak.

Maybe some of you already know about this recipe? (And if you do, why didn't you tell me? LOL!) I like to use bone-in chicken thighs or breasts with this - very juicy! Do you have any favorite easy chicken recipes you like to make?

Ask Chip what he thinks!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Letter "Y"

Today I am participating in A thru Z Mondays, hosted by the fabulous Jen at Unglazed. Be sure to visit her blog if you would like to participate and visit other bloggers that are joining in the fun!

Today's letter is Y. My letter "Y" is for my YOUNGER sister - Stefanie! (If she were here, she would point out "much younger." In fact she made sure to tell everyone during her maid of honor speech at my wedding. When everyone found out we were 10 years apart - cuz people thought I looked young for my age - there was a collective gasp across the crowd. No - just kidding - I made that up. Only my hubby Greg gasped.

Here she is holding her niece Scout. (You really didn't think I was going to give up an opportunity to post a gratuitous photo of my dog Scout now did you?)

Anyways, I can't boss her around like I used to. (I had a straw doll I used to scare her with when we were kids to keep her out of my room. One time my brother hid it in her bed and she about had a heart attack at the age of 5 when she found it. My mom tossed it - and thereafter my brother and I lost leverage over her!)

Don't you wish you were my YOUNGER sister???