Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shelley, Greg & Scout go to a parade!

Part of the allure of the northern Michigan towns for me is the quaintness of the downtowns. I love all the events they have whether it be a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, a maple syrup festival or better yet - a parade! Last week we attended Gaylord's St. Patrick's day parade and we took Scout with us. The day was rainy and dreary but we still had fun.

I love Gaylord's downtown, it is styled in an Alpine Swiss theme. Its' sister city is Pontresina, Switzerland. There are so many cute shops here and great restaurants.

Can you guess who was Scout's favorite in the parade?

Hey - doesn't it look like Greg is choking Scout?!

Here comes the cops! Except I think they've been drinking some of that green beer...

Just kidding! Greg was adjusting Scout's collar as she got very excited at that Irish Setter boy in the parade. I told her she's too young to date. In fact, she's never allowed to date!

I think this guy needs a leash...

I am so looking forward to sunny days! Trying to decide what I'm going to grow in my garden this year. What will you be planting?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Log Cabin Updates

I was so happy I got to spend a few days at the cabin last week. It was nice to take a break from studying! The weather was okay but got rainy toward the end of the week.

We went on some nice hikes and also got to meet my blogger friend Joan of The Retirement Chronicles. (Go visit her blog to view some fantastic photography. I told Joan she's lucky our log cabins aren't close by each other cuz I would be bugging her everyday!)

The snow has started to melt. Our lake is still frozen but melting on the edges.

Here's Joan and I! Isn't she a cute lady? I look like a big monster next to her. (Note to self - start jogging more and drink less pepsi!)

Here's my little chickadee making new friends with my bird feeder. I had them eating out of my hands all week but of course Greg was never able to capture the moment on camera. I really need the paparazzi to start following me!

I took lots of photos at the cabin while we were there so I will be posting these in the next day or so. I feel like spring is here! Time to get new spring pj's so I can wave to my neighbors and impress them! Ha!