Friday, June 6, 2008

Log Cabin Moment

I have to say one of my best log cabin moments has been when I wake up in the morning and look out these two windows to see the trees and sunshine. Bird are singing....squirrels are scampering about (emptying out my birdfeeders but that's okay...) I'm in nature and I'm at peace. That is what the log cabin is about.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Log Home we almost bought...

When Greg & I were contemplating our log home choices, I had seen a classified ad for this newly constructed log home for sale in Hillman, Michigan (pictured above). It was a half-log home on a small lake. It had many elements that we wanted - a stone fireplace, a walk-out basement, woodsy setting and almost in our budget. Also, it was ready to go - we wouldn't have to wait for construction. Then while we were touring the home - we kept hearing the neighbor's dog howl (and by howl, I mean it sounded like someone was strangling him.) And this howling continued on and on and on. At one point I asked the builder of the log home, should we go done there to check on that dog and he informed me that it was a young dog and it was just howling because the owners had stepped out. Hmm...this was not going to bode well for my vision of having a log home in a QUIET wooded setting. I'm an animal lover and I know dogs bark...but then I started having wild visions of these people always leaving their dog behind to howl incessantly. Next I started looking around the home, it was beautiful, but it was not a full log. The lake seemed a little too small. And then Hillman seemed too far away from the outdoor activities we liked to participate in. This wasn't looking good. But wait - we had our vacant lot we owned up in Gaylord. The neighbors were quiet and friendly, the lot next to us not buildable, the lake was a little bigger and good for fishing and swimming. Yep, we'll build our own. I think that dog howling snapped me to reality and made us confirm our decision to build our own log home and put our personal touches on it. So back to present day - we're very happy with our decision. But I haven't told you yet about my neighbor down the street who has a goat named Sugar...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

22nd Annual Log Cabin Day in Michigan

I just found out about Michigan having the only statewide log cabin festival every year on the last Sunday of June. This year it falls on June 29th. There are festivals, tours and open houses. The Log Cabin Society of Michigan sponsors this event and is responsible for discovering, preserving and promoting log cabins in Michigan. For only $1, they provide you with a map that has 100 log cabins on it available for touring or drive-bys. A handful of these log cabins were built before 1840. There is a mixture of historic and new log cabins on their list across the state. I am hoping to coordinate my schedule to see a few of these. How great would that be to step back in time!
If you live in Michigan, chances are that there is a log cabin on this list that's within driving distance. Here is the link:

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A "man thing" for the log cabin

Depending on what your log cabin means to you - I believe it influences your decorating style (as well as the masculine and feminine factor!) For my husband, he is looking at it as a "command station" from where he will go fishing, hunting and boating. So he's envisioning hanging deer heads, having a recliner w/ pictures of fish on it and a poker table in the basement recreation room. For me - it is more of a "log home" - a craftsmanship show place. I want to create a nature retreat, a place to entertain friends comfortably and have nice touches such as granite sink tops. My husband and I have compromised well - I will allow him to hang his deer head and he can put his stuffed fish and poker table in the basement. For that - I get the rest of the log cabin. However, I did acknowledge his protest about the silk flowers and candles in the bathroom - a.k.a. "chick things." I added his "man thing" a.k.a. the rustic moose sign below which states "Moose Lodge - where shooting the bull is expected."

Monday, June 2, 2008

The View is Everything!

One of the reasons we chose our lot for our log home was for the view it offered. The view is of a small, quiet lake. I loved the idea (and am now experiencing it) of sitting on my deck looking at the lake and the mature trees across the way. Windows became important in our endeavor - thus we had the 2-story living area with a wall of windows facing the lake. Even my nice-size kitchen window was perfect for viewing the wooded lot next door. In retrospect, the only thing I wish I had done differently was to add a bay window to the side wall of our dining area - it would have afforded more woodsy views. Also, maybe a small window in the bathroom - I could've hung up a small bird feeder outside so while you are sitting on the toilet...oh never mind. I'm getting carried away!

Log Cabin Tip: Be aware of your surroundings in choosing your lot and pick the placement and size of the windows to compliment your favorite views.