Friday, March 27, 2009

Random Happenings at the Log Cabin

Random happenings from the Log Cabin....
  • Marvin is going to have to get off that guest bed cuz I have guests coming this weekend. (Though Marvin is acting bewildered and said he thought it was HIS room!
  • I just found out I'm #11 on the waiting list for my Bernese Mountain Dog. Looks like I should have a puppy by this summer...
  • Did I tell you my neighbor has 2 goats?! I'll have to get photos. Greg said for me not get any ideas.
  • It's suppose to snow this Saturday. Not good news for my brother-in-law whose car is still stuck down that 2 track road.....
  • I'm going to be featured in 'Country's Best Log Homes' summer issue where they talk to owners of "small" log homes.
  • My mom says my posts on my blog are too long and I talk too much - what do you think? P.S. She is the QUEEN of talking too much. Okay - sorry mom! :-)
  • My #1 favorite blog (besides YOURS) is Chickens in the Road. I"m afraid to tell you this - cuz once you go there, you may never come back to my blog. Anyways - this lady is my idol - she has goats, chickens, cats, a big dog AND she is funny, a published writer, good cook and craftmaker. I want to be like her when I grow up!

What is your favorite blog?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Marvin the Cat has got some gifts!

Marvin, our log cabin cat - recently received a package in the mail from Cassie, Hootie and Baby Rocket Dog! Be sure to check out Cassie's "In Amazing Graceland" blog - she has a warm heart and a great sense of humor! By they way, those precious pups have their own blog and Marvin keeps asking me when he will get his!

Cassie - you were too generous! (Cassie sent bunny ears, a walking wind up bunny that Marvin kept biting and camoflauge mouses and balls.) Thank you so much!! Marvin loved his gifts!

"Look what she did to me!"

"I'm going to swat that camoflauge mouse! He can't hide from me!"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I think I've had the worst case of spring fever this year. Each weekend we go to the log cabin, I am anxious to see signs that our area is thawing.

I've got some serious plans you know! Kayaking, floating in an inner tube on our lake while I daydream about being a photographer for National Georgraphic, visiting with my Loons (not the neighbors - but the ducks.)

But check out our lake. Still a frozen tundra....

But wait! At the other end of the lake, here is signs of the lake breaking up. It's just a small area, but there is hope yet!

This was our dusting of snow Saturday morning. I'm trying very hard to visualize pretty flowers on the deck, a shining sun and views of a pretty blue lake.

How's the spring thaw in your area?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Log Cabin Critters

Even though Friday was off to a bad start due to all the cars stuck in the snow, we did have a lovely weekend at the log cabin. (And I'm more grateful than ever that our paved road is plowed!) The men did play paintball and I stayed out of the way. I spent time this weekend hiking and photographing the beauty of northern Michigan. I wanted to share some of my cabin critters from this past weekend, they bring me much peace and joy.

I still have those feisty pine siskins hanging around! They can empty a thistle feeder in less than 10 minutes.

My red squirrel likes to eat all the spilled birdseed off our deck. Aww!

Can you see my Chickadee singing? He was either singing for a mate or food - or Both! LOL!

Can you spot my junco in the tree? These birds usually don't leave until winter is officially over.

I hope you enjoyed today's cabin critters and that sunshine is headed your way!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

It started off as a nice day...

It started off as a nice day. We were headed to our log cabin. My in-laws family were headed up to their cottage.

Look how blue the sky was.

Oh - did I mention that the road to my in-laws is a 2-track road? And did I also mention that we didn't count on the road not being plowed all the way? And that my mother-in-law would drive straight into a snow bank in the road?

That's not all. My brother-in-law tried to go through a back entrance and got his bronco stuck on an unplowed road. We now had two cars to dig out. Here's a photo of my husband and nephew walking down the road w/ shovels. (Parts of the road were melted - some were not.)

By the way, do you know that Road Service will not come to an unplowed road? My mother-in-law's truck was pulled out, but my brother-in-law's car which was in its own snow bank was not budging. We had to leave it. It will stay right where it is until the snow melts. Seriously.

And the worst part - my husband & I had encouraged them to come up this weekend and assured them the roads should be fine. And it was my brother-in-law's birthday. Yep, we have some serious making up to do!