Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Log Cabin made me do it

Since we've built the log cabin, I've changed a little bit. I've always loved the outdoors and wildlife as well as doing my part in conservation. One of my fixations is water. The hubby always laughed cuz I was always telling him that he takes too long of showers. And don't leave the water running in the sink while you're brushing your teeth! And the list goes on. But then the log cabin was built.....and it did something to me.

After spending a long day out in the winter snow, and as we are driving back to our log cabin, I am thinking about one thing......

My hot shower! I have to get in that hot shower! I want to look at my beautiful log walls and think about my log kingdom. And I'm going to take a long one to ease the aches and cold of skiing or snow shoeing that day. I want to run that water until the water turns to cold. I am evil I tell you!

Look at this showerhead! I have the rain effect in my shower and the water comes out nice and strong. Oh wait, the hubby is calling me.....wants to know when I'm going to be done. And hey, what about that rule about not taking long showers? Crap! All I can say is the log cabin made me do it!

Friday, December 12, 2008

"A few of my favorite things" GIVEAWAY!

In the winter, I relish putting on my cozy socks, drinking some hot chocolate, lighting some candles and listening to some Christmas music! Hey - that sounds like the making for a good Christmas Giveaway!!

I have put some of those snuggly slipper socks in the box (men - you can give them to your wife if you win), Gourmet hot chocolate with some peppermint sticks, Christmas floating candles, A Transiberian Orchestra CD that I burned and a couple other surprises tucked into this cute snowman gift box!

Rules to enter: Please post here the worst holiday gift you've ever received. My hubby has a secret criteria for picking the winner! Please put a link back to your blog. If you list my giveaway on your blog - I will give you 2 extra entries to increase your chances of winning. Just let me know that you did so. You must have a blog and be a U.S. resident to enter. Deadline to enter is midnight on Sunday, Dec. 14th. Winner will be announced on Dec. 15th.

Merry Christmas! Thank you for your visits and comments! I love them!

A Christmas in Bloggyland Tour!

My bloggy friend Muse Swings is hosting "A Christmas in Bloggyland Tour" on Monday, December 15th.

"Show your decorations, your memories, stories, pictures, recipes, music, art, poetry, nature - anything -whatever you like on your Christmas in Bloggyland post for the 15th." - Muse

If you are interested in participating, please visit her blog and sign up. Should be fun! I've got to get the log cabin ready! And remember - I like cookies and pies!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's going to be a white Christmas!

Our log cabin is located in Gaylord which is known as a snowbelt in northern Michigan. Usually our area winter snowfall totals average about 151 inches for the whole season. Well it's not even mid-December yet and we've already had 70 inches of snowfall! Well, I did always say I wanted a cozy log cabin in the snowy woods. I got my wish!

How's the snowfall in your area?

This was Saturday night when we arrived.

Log cabin in the snowy woods!

Hubby's job - shovel the deck!

Here is downtown Gaylord where I like to shop! Check out those snowbanks.

Here is an image from Otsego Lake State Park where we like to go snow shoeing. Look at all that fresh snow!

It's going to be a white Christmas my friends!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More Christmas Decorating at the Log Cabin!

Where does the time go? I thought I would be done with my Christmas decorating by now but it has become an addiction at the log cabin. I keep seeing things that would look great against our log walls. It will be our first Christmas there and we'll be having guests in and out - so I want it to look extra cozy and special. (Special note to guests - I like cookies! Pies are nice too! Marvin the cat says if you could bring another ornament for him to chew on - that would be great.)

Well I finally got our cabin's namesake hung outside. I think this will make the Loons on our lake like me more!

Psst - did I tell you I was a Loon Ranger? ha,ha - everyone still makes fun of me for this. I think they're jealous of my authority....

I picked up this mosaic glass vase and shimmery copper flower arrangement from Garden Ridge to place in our bathroom.

I also have a little tree plugged in the corner. I think this bathroom needs some more Christmas stuff!

I have a peppermint candy themed tree for the guest room. It has peppermint candy garland and the little tree topper is a snowman holding a candy cane! I'm going to hang some real candy canes on it as well.

Here's a close up view of that candy garland!

Doesn't the tree look nice lit up in the guest room?

My mother-in-law made me this loon pillow for my bird themed guest room. Luckily for me she's handy with the sewing machine!

Monday, December 8, 2008

My Christmas Ornaments

Jen at Unglazed did a fun post on her 8 Christmas ornaments and challenged us to show the following ornaments: 1. Favorite, 2. The Oldest, 3. The Funniest, 4. Most Memorable, 5. The Ugliest, 6. The Reddest, 7. The Greenest, 8. The Tree Topper. I didn't get all the categories (I forgot to take more ornament photos while I was at the log cabin) and I also put a few spins on my categories - but here they are. Let's see your ornaments too!

This is memorable because it reminds me of our builder who built our log cabin! He really looks like this guy! Except he's thinner (sorry Randy - I was not implying you were jolly!)

This is the reddest ornament on my tree!

This is Marvin the cat's favorite ornament. Marvin has taken this moose off the tree at least 5 times to lick him to death.

This is one of my favorite ornaments. Reminds me of our family's love of the great outdoors.

This is the funniest ornament I could find. (By the way, my husband says this is not funny and he takes this ornament seriously. Ha,ha!)

This ornament reminds me of Jen at Unglazed! She did a wonderful post on the reminder of Joy and her blog also reflects Joy! Go visit her!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rough Ride & Decorating the log staircase

It was a miracle we made it to the log cabin on Saturday. It is a 3 hour drive to our place and it ended up taking us 5 hours due to the weather, spin outs and standstill traffic. At one point, people were turning around on the freeway and going back up the wrong way ramp! (Okay, I admit, we were one of those people, but I had to go to the bathroom!) But we were determined to make it to the cabin. Of course we had plans to go to a Christmas festival but Greg accidentally drove my car into a ditch. So by the time the tow truck arrived and pulled us out - we only had time left to go grab a meal. Transportation was not in our favor this day.

On to better things, I decorated the log staircase with garland (bought from Garden Ridge - $3.00 per 9 feet) and added ribbons and other decorative Christmas ware. What do you think? (And should I add lights?)