Friday, May 30, 2008

Prepping the Logs

Last year I visited Hiawatha Log Home's headquarters in Munising, Michigan (Located way up in the Upper Peninsula.) It was really interesting to see how the logs were organized, their process of milling and then kiln drying them. (For those not familiar, the kiln drying reduces the moisture content in the logs so there is less settling once the home is built.) They even started up their log cutting equipment so we could see the logs go through. I'm a big organization freak so I really liked seeing how they stacked and numbered the logs for delivery. Visiting their model home office (which was stunning!) and being able to witness their process gave me great reassurance that they were true professionals and had a great system. I highly recommend to anyone interested in purchasing a log home, that they visit the log provider's mill.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Prayer of the Woods

Last year when we visited Tahquanemon Falls in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I was struck by this prayer they had posted entitled "Prayer of the Woods." It serves as a good reminder for me to value the forest even more as it provided my family with our log home.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lake Responsibility

In front of our log home, you can see we have some marshland before we are able to reach the lake. One of our friends asked "how will you reach the lake?" This is a good question. When our log home was being constructed, the builder had to put up tarping around the perimeter to prevent erosion of the shore. This marshland supports a great variety of wildlife which I want to continue to preserve. As I look around the lake, I notice about 50% of the homes have a nice green lawn in front. I am hoping they don't fertilize that lawn as that will run off into the lake and stimulate algae growth. There are a couple cottages that appear to have some "trimming" of the marsh area so their dock has a clean shot into the lake. What's funny is when the city sent someone out to check on our construction and they were telling me in no uncertain terms what I could do and not do with my lake shore and they had a clear view of a few of my neighbors who clearly did not follow the rules. Perhaps they were grandfathered in? Regardless, I do believe in a responsibility to the lake. We are looking into an elevated dock that will go above the plants and hopefully preserve the area well enough. I am also calling the DEQ today for additional suggestions and hope to share with you soon. (And likewise, if you have any experiences and suggestion based on above, please share them - thank you!)
Also, here's a link to 'Great Lakes Blogger' who discusses the environmental issues with the Great Lakes. Well worth a visit!