Thursday, June 3, 2010

Adventures of the Red Squirrel

Time to lighten things up on my blog!

So how did this Red Squirrel end up exhausted and laying down on my deck railings? To get the answer to that, we have to go back in time....

Here he is munching on some peanuts. Now where did he get those.....

Oh yeah, by cramming his plump little body into my tiny little bird feeder! One thing I do have to say, he was pretty neat. Notice how he placed the empty seed shells outside the feeder.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Broken Heart

*Just a note to those who read my bird blog, this is the same post that I have posted there today.

See the 2 beautiful Loon eggs in the nest above? It breaks my heart to know they will never hatch due to the unfortunate (and dare I say it - IDIOTIC) actions of a person who got too close to the nest. On the day I found the nest, I posted signs at the boat launch warning everyone and to please give the Loons their space. According to one resident on our lake, it was the first time in 30 years that the Loons had attempted to nest on our lake.

I found the nest last Sunday, came back to the cabin on Thursday and found no Loon parents. After investigating, I inadvertently found out who the culprit was who got too close (I'm pretty sure, but have to admit other factors go in to Loons abandoning the nest) and was just devastated. I admit, I went inside my cabin and cried. (I know Bird Girl will know how I feel, I still remember when her bluebird babies died.) My heart is completely broken...