Thursday, September 18, 2008

A focal point of the log home

I think the kitchen in a log home (or any home for that matter) seems to be a big social focal point in today's times. When you have an open floor plan, the "cook" can see and still converse with everyone in the family room area. And likewise, people can pull up a seat at the kitchen bar and converse with the cook and nibble on some snacks! It creates a family/friend connection and encourages conversation (a lot in my case! I talk too much!)

I've been picking up some odds and ends for our kitchen. I think it's coming together...

Pull up a seat! Can I get you a cocktail?

I love these kitchen towels. I told my husband he's not allowed to use them - just look at them.

I picked up this ceramic acorn candy dish. Would you like a chocolate kiss?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Decorating & arranging things at the Log Cabin

Slowly but surely, we are making progress on furnishing the interior of our log cabin. I like all the different textures and colors that look good combined with the background of logs - such as bright colored couches, leather, bronze metal and oriental rugs.

I found this oriental rug at Garden Ridge priced $100 less than a similar one I found at a major chain store.
As the dining area is small - I am putting a round dining table with seating for 4. The extra 4 seats at the kitchen bar should be sufficient for the overflow crowd.

I'm thinking about putting a small fireplace in that far left corner. I saw some nice ventless gas fireplaces at Home Depot but concerned about their safety.

I found this great bronze textured metal "Tulip" table at Pier One. It is suppose to be a side table, but with its height and size, I think it's perfect as a non-obtrusive coffee table.

Here's a closer look at the table so you can see the detailing. What do you think?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Rain at the Log Cabin

It rained all weekend at the log cabin as I'm sure it did at everyone's homes. While we didn't get to finish caulking our log ends outside, it was still nice to be there and plan our indoor projects.

This photo was taken in the afternoon - quite dark outside with all that rain. I think I need more pumpkins in the window.

One good thing about the rain, it's helping my grass seed grow! Starting to look like a lawn.

I want to plant a couple Blue Spruce trees (my favorite) next weekend.

Greg was thrilled he got to finish his work bench in the basement which included hanging up all his fishing lures.

P.S. If you get a chance, please stop over and visit Rob at the Cottage Chronicles to wish him and his family well. His wife had an aneursym and is recovering in the hospital. Rob has a wonderful and informative blog with cottage tips, product reviews and just plain having a good time with the family at the Cottage.