Friday, June 27, 2008

Dinnerware for the Log Cabin

I'm going to let you in on a little shopping secret. Kohls is a good place to pick up dinnerware for a log home or cottage. And to top it off - at good prices! I picked up this collection called Homestudio Woodland. I love the bear, canoe and tree images - just perfect for our log cabin!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Staining the log home this week!

We're getting another step closer to completing work on our log home. The weather has finally cleared up and we are getting ready to stain our log home! (With 99% of the help coming from our builder Randy of course!)

We have chosen a red-tone brown color which you can see painted under the eaves on this picture here. Sashco who makes the stain said that this is a popular color with customers as well as the medium tone brown.

First the logs are power washed and then the Penetreat (borate solution) is applied. This helps repel the wood eating insects such as carpenter ants and termites. It has to dry for 48 hours and then the first layer of stain is applied. (It's important that it doesn't rain in between steps so the Penetreat doesn't wash off before the stain is applied.

Looking forward to sharing the before and after pictures with you all soon!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Log Cabin Friends

As you've probably figured out, every bird or animal I see up at our log cabin immediately becomes my friend! (With the exception of mosquitoes and spiders!) I've really become attached to this Loon pair and kept thinking of how I could help the Loons of Michigan since their population is decreasing. (For some of you who may read my bird blog - sorry for the repeat!) Anyways, long story short - I am now a Loon Ranger with Michigan Loonwatch and will now be watching over and tracking the progress of the Loon pair on a neighboring lake. I have the mama Loon and her 2 babies pictured below.

Sweet little Goldfinch that visits our thistle feeder throughout the day.

Mr. Chipmunk who is coming close to eating out of my hand.