Saturday, February 9, 2008

Cabin Fever

I definitely have cabin fever. When we were up at the log cabin today, I immediately wished Greg & I had brought sleepings bags to stay the night. No matter that it would have been on the OSB subflooring. We were enjoying just being there looking at the snow covered lake. A black squirrel was running around the large oak tree out front and chickadees were flying about. We also had a nice visit from our log home dealers - The Fleshers.

This past week the furnace was installed and more progress was made in the kitchen and the bathroom. Speaking of the bathroom, I thought the toilet was ready to use....ha! Greg had to go get some drinking water out of the crew's water cooler and pour it into the toilet so it would flush. Whoops! This week I expect the crew will start on the maple hardwood flooring and complete the electric and kitchen.