Monday, December 24, 2007

Log Cabin Construction Update

Our builder has told me (and he might regret this later) that our log cabin should be ready for use by February. I am already having visions of being snug in my cozy cabin in front of the fireplace and looking out at the snow covered lake!

Back to reality - we are still waiting for our doors and windows to be delivered. Now this could turn into an angry monologue on why they aren't but I've chose not to use the window provider's name in case they read this and delay my delivery even further! Lesson learned here - get a guaranteed window & door date if ordered separately from the package AND make sure they don't use holidays as a delay! (Mine were ordered the first week of November so I am still scratching my head on what holiday existed at that time to delay the production of my windows and doors....)

Anyways - the interior walls are being framed, the deck is going up, the plumbing & electrical starts next week. I am excited beyond words!

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