Monday, January 14, 2008

Inside the Log Cabin

More interior construction work going on in the log cabin this week. The log staircases were installed (one going to the loft and one going to the basement.) The one thing we didn't plan for was how wide the stairs are. It ending up eating more living room space then we would've liked. In retrospect, our log cabin should have been bumped out a few more feet to accommodate this staircase.

In the kitchen, we are having the builder do custom cabinetry with the tongue & groove wood. No decision yet on the type of countertop.

The doors and windows will finally be delivered today. Now the builder can take the tarp off the openings and I won't have to worry about bears and other critters coming to visit.

Now we have to make decisions on all the fun stuff such as appliances, light fixtures, bathroom vanities and floor coverings.


SandyVTW said...

I'm liking that stair detail, very pretty from the side.

Autoglaze said...

WOW!!! What a dream that turned out to a reality.
I live in South Africa and would love the plans of your unit.Due to the South African new national sport(BURN THE FORESTS)ha ha.Timber is very expensive and more than brick and mortar.If you could send me the plans I would love to see if I could also convert them to a reality living in the Bush in Africa.
Once again WOW

Mary said...

We also built a log cabin, but my husband started with cutting the logs, hand peeled them and we did what is called a Swedish Cope. We have been living in it for almost 5 years and have loved it. Hope you love yours as much.
If you have ever heard of Reiman Publishing, they have a magazine that comes out ever 2 months and they have a section called Cabin Fever in it. You might want to contact them and give them your story. We did and it was in May 2005. They gave us some wonderful pictures the photographer took and we had our home published in their magazine. You can reach them at At any rate I wanted to let you know I enjoyed reading about your venture.

reader said...

The steps are so neat!!

Anonymous said...

Nice work shellmo!
Love that log cabin,thanks for the info.
this was my first Blog read=)

bmbooshay said...

This is so cool, not only to see a log cabin going up, the work that goes on behind it, or the details associated with the hard work, but mostly because my uncle is building a cabin much like this one. I think the main difference is its more in likely not going to snow like your pictures show. He's building it himself with help from the rest of our family( even i helped carry some logs and lay the large bolts down where they were to be screwed in. Its a lot of hard work not only building one, but following the directions given by the cabin factory. Great job on the cabin and I hope it turns out well and you enjoy every minute of the time spent in it.

David said...

oh, MY!
only one question:
do you have a guest room?

what a beauty!