Friday, February 1, 2008

Half Log Wall

Though we went with a full log home with our log cabin kit, it was recommended to us to have a half log wall on the lake side of the cabin due to all the windows we have. Additionally it would make the wall more insulated from the lake wind. When you look at the loft windows - you can't tell it's half log. It looks great and still has that authentic log cabin feel. Another benefit is if something is wrong with that half log - we can remove and replace easily. It would be more difficult to do with our full log walls so yearly maintenance will be at the top of our priority list. The construction crew started the half log gabling on the exterior wall the other day when it was 40 degrees in Gaylord. Today it is lightly snowing and about 25 degrees so needless to say they will be working inside. I'm looking forward to going "Up North" on Sunday to check their progress.


Kim S. said...

Hey guys, Your place sure looks beautiful. I can attest to the beauty of north woods living. We live on the north shore of lake superior. I get my "healing" from this land. Good luck and we'll see you around the blog.
Kim S.

TJ said...

How beautiful..and gaylord is definately the setting to have. Grand Blanc is home for us but would love a place North.
Good luck. Thanks for sharing.
happy Valentines Day.

Grand Life said...

This will be the best emotional investment you ever make. We built our own cabin 35 years ago in the mountains of Colorado on a 22 acre private lake adjactent to Rocky Mountain National Park. Our 6 children do not remember life without the cabin, even though 3 were born before we built it. At the time we only lived 2 hours from it but the summer we finished it we had to accept a forced job move 500 miles away. Many friends said they would like to buy it but that was never considered. My husband and I have been retired 8 years now and spend summers there and use it for wonderful home exchanges. The best part of a second home is sharing it with friends and family and strangers.
So happy for you.

Scarlet Vogue said...

Your log cabin looks so beautiful. I have found it so uplifting just to look at the pictures. Everything looks so idyllic.
I really hope that your log cabin is everything you expected and more. Thank you for sharing your experience,it's lovely.

Tekno Boy said...

Hi, your cabin looks great, also, your blog is great!

That snow really looks like fun!

We did something you might find interesting, we built a house in Spain (actually when I say we, I mean it, just myself and my wife- with no outside help!).

Haven't blogged that much of it but you might like the pool story (how we built our pool).

pijno said...

It looks very nice. I just found this blog and like it a lot :)

The Nostalgic Nugget said...

You are doing a beautiful job. My grandfather owned his own logging company in Northern CA for 60 years. During the last 30, he also built log homes for people. I grew up vacationing in the log home they built for themselves and the one built for my uncle. I am jealous.l Congrats on being able to do such a wonderful project!