Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cabin Expectations

I was full of excitement as we made the 3 hour drive up north. (If my husband had let me drive, I swear I would've made it in 2 1/2 hours!) Every time we open the door to our cabin, I'm always happy to see the new thing that the crew has completed and how the cabin is coming together. This time didn't disappoint. The extra stain coats had finished being applied to the interior and the logs looked beautiful and golden. They also used the extra logs we had left over and built a half log interior wall in the basement. We hope to finish it in the near future. Other items completed included the hanging of the antler chandelier and the carpet being installed in the bedrooms. I think I went too light on the carpet and will now be annoyingly asking all guests to remove their shoes before they go in there. The hubby and I wimped out and bought a bed to sleep in the cabin this weekend. (Hopefully the Gaylord building inspector isn't reading this as we don't have our Certificate of Occupancy yet....). Since we have no curtains or blinds up, it was great to lay back at night and see all the stars through the windows.
(More cabin updates & pics tomorrow!)


Mungo said...

That's a terrific chandelier! Enjoying reading about your cabin - would like to have one myself one day.



Jessica said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I too like the chandelier. I bet you can't wait to start decorating the place! How fun that will be.

Shellmo said...

Mungo & Jessica - thank you for the positive comments on the antler chandelier! I love it too. Now wait til you see my husband's deer head....that's a different story. :-)

reliv4life said...

So glad to hear you enjoyed yourself! Everything looks beautiful - I also like the chandelier!

fungalena said...

Wow !!! Fantastic. My dad used to build minature ones when I was a little girl and give them away as presents. My brother-in-law used to live in one when he worked in Canada, many years ago. Finding this blog seems timely to my current favourite TV IS a link there somehow isn't I can FEEL the wood as I view the pics of the is SO evocative. Lovely. All the best ! fungalena