Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tree Seedlings

For some reason today, I cannot upload pictures into my blog posting. Right now I'm sitting in the parking lot of a Bigby's coffee - up north - 30 degree weather - very windy. But being the blog junkie that I am, I had to do at least 1 posting today! Greg bought over 100 tree seedlings (some of these he is planting at his parents place to sell in the future) from the Otsego Conservation district. At our log cabin, we are going to plant some red pine, norway spruce, cedar and various flowering bushes that will encourage a wildlife habitat. Tomorrow I will post pictures. Right now the back of our lot looks like a nuclear holocaust as they finished the septic drain field and back filled the lot. Looking forward to some greenery!


Jessica said...

Sometimes Blogger does that same thing with the photos to me too.

Happy tree planting!!

Sandy said...

Looking forward to photo and burr...sounds cold.

I was having trouble posting pics the other day.