Friday, May 23, 2008

Interior Updates to the Log Cabin

The Log Cabin is still progressing - soon it will be a log home!

The stove was finally connected yesterday. We have to stain the lower cabinets but 3 of the doors still have not arrived. Now I'm convinced the cabinet maker is out with the electrician man fishing. They may even be brothers.

I added some small decorative touches to the bathroom such as a mosaic candle holder and a silk flower plant to which my husband exclaimed "What is the chick thing doing here?"

I found this wildlife tapestry for the hallway.

Still need a headboard for the bed but doesn't this cat look great on it? (To those not familiar with previous posts - my husband has stated he does not want the cat on our couch, bed and kitchen counters.) Well one out of three isn't bad. :-)


reliv4life said...

It all looks very lovely! It is like cats know where we don't want them and immediate gravitate to those areas...I think his tongue may be sticking out at you as well, if you look close.

joated said...

You have a cat. Your husband will have to get used to the idea that the cat will go where the cat wishes to go. Only keepint the door closed will prevent that from happening...90% of the time.

Jen said...

Your're decorating like a pro!
Looks fabulous-love the tapestry.

violetlady said...

But, Shelley, cats are people, too! The cabin is looking great.

Sandy said...

Looking good, even if you did the "chick" thing in the bathroom, ha!!


Constance said...

Hi Shelley!

I am a blogger and we subscribe to Log Home Living Magazine. I saw your letter in their Mailbox section and decided to drop by and say hello! I am eager to "troll" through your posts and check out your blog.

My Hub Dave & I are hoping (Lord willing) to build a cabin in Montana or Idaho in 8-10 years when he retires. It's all a tad overwhelming though. We are in the process of narrowing down the area we are interested in and then contacting a realtor to help us with our land requirements.

Have a wonderful Memorial day Holiday!

Shellmo said...

Reliv - I think the cat was sticking his tongue out at the hubby - ha,ha.

Joated - hard to shut a door on a crying kitty! Wins me over everytime...

Jen - thank you very much!

Violetlady - cats are precious, aren't they?

Sandy - at least the flowers weren't pink - ha! :-)

Connie - welcome and thank you! Picking the right land is the first most important step (in fact you reminded me that I'll have to do a post on this.) I hope your log home dream comes true - it is soooo worth it!! (Please feel free to email me with any questions!)

Jennifer Robin said...

I love decorating my log home. I've got a theme going on with old ice skates, sleds, and snowshoes hanging everywhere. Gives the place that one-horse-open-sleigh look all year round!

Shellmo said...

Jennifer - your theme sounds great! You must post some pics on your blog (pretty please!) I've been on the hunt for some old-fashioned snowshoes for one of our log walls.

reliv4life said...

Constance does bring up a good point, and you should blog on it! I know when we bought our lot about 8 yr ago, it was between two lots. The one we didn't pick was a in a "flood zone"... we were assured all was well to build as long as we didn't do a basement. We have been here since '98 and this is the highest I have ever seen the rivers - and yes, all teh houses in flood plains are having major problems! There is a subdivision built here on top of the old landfill - most of those people do not realize it... so, important to check things out at different times of the year, and also talk to local people that have lived in the area a while for scoop on different areas to build... just my 2 cents!

Jessica said...

Love the finish on the cabinets.

Shellmo said...

Reliv - great advice - a thorough investigation is necessary!

Jess - thank you - I picked it myself! :-)

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Wow.. great ideas!!

I'm glad I have you and Jen to get in contact w/ when we are ready to do the interior!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

This is the link to just the cabin pics from the start.
It seems that it didn't show up correctly in the above comment.