Friday, May 30, 2008

Prepping the Logs

Last year I visited Hiawatha Log Home's headquarters in Munising, Michigan (Located way up in the Upper Peninsula.) It was really interesting to see how the logs were organized, their process of milling and then kiln drying them. (For those not familiar, the kiln drying reduces the moisture content in the logs so there is less settling once the home is built.) They even started up their log cutting equipment so we could see the logs go through. I'm a big organization freak so I really liked seeing how they stacked and numbered the logs for delivery. Visiting their model home office (which was stunning!) and being able to witness their process gave me great reassurance that they were true professionals and had a great system. I highly recommend to anyone interested in purchasing a log home, that they visit the log provider's mill.


ahmad wiyono said...

Great blog! Keep up the good work

Jen said...

This sounds like a smart thing to do.
We probably didn't do as much research as we should have.. but no real problems;*knock on wood*.

(except for exterior stain) I will have to talk to you about that when I get back from vacation)