Saturday, June 21, 2008

Getting Loony in the Log Home

In keeping with my Loon theme for our log home, Greg & I went out searching for a nice Loon picture to hang on the large wall in our dining area. (Please note that I am doing things backwards as I still don't have a dining table - but that's the way I operate - ha,ha!) We found this picture (on sale!) at the Call of the Wild Museum in Gaylord. If you look at the picture closely, you can see the Loon parents with their 2 chicks looking at a log cabin (of course!) Just perfect for us!
To round out our "loon fever" - we went to the lake to see if the nesting pair of loons had their babies yet - and to our delight they did! They were very far away from my camera but I'll still post those shots later this week.


Doug said...

Hello Shelly & Greg,

We just purchased a log home, and hopefully you or your readers will
have some input. There are alot of bee's nests (yellow jackets & hornets). I will have to contact a
company to spray for the bee's. Any
recommendations on products? There are just to many this time.
Thanks and I hope someone has a good solution.
please use

Doug & Kathy
p.s. (source Log Home Living)

Emrys said...

Hey, Shelly and Greg:
We got your comment on our blog ( our log house repair adventure. I was about to invite you to ask any technical questions about our restoration experience, but from the looks of your own blog, your experience is more complete (and snazzy!) than ours. Happy birding, logging (?), and volunteering!


Shellmo said...

Doug & Kathy - I will email you - I'm going to ask my log home consultant about your problem.

Emrys - you never know - log cabin fever may strike again! I love the idea of restoring an old log cabin! (On June 29th they are having Michigan's log cabin festival and they have a list of many historical homes on their list)

Jen said...

I was afraid I was going to see Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig when I saw the title of your post.

This picture fits in perfectly; congrats on the find.

Jen said...

To Doug:
We don't have yellow jackets or hornets, but have battled carpenter bees for several years. This summer we installed the "Carpenter Bee Chambers". We have seen only one bee in the past three weeks.

Brandi said...

What a great print. Perfect if you ask me!

Shellmo said...

Jen - thank you! (There was no bugs bunny to be found -ha,ha!)Also - thanks for submiting the carpenter bee chamber idea!

Brandi - many thanks!

Jennifer Robin said...

Came here to comment on your lovely picture of the loons, and got some valuable info about insect problems!

Sandy said...

What a beautiful picture on the wall. And those beams overhead, wow.