Friday, June 13, 2008

The Land we chose for our Log Home

The first step to starting your log home dream is to find land that fits your needs and lifestyle. We chose our land for several reasons:

  1. It had a sloping lot - perfect for building a walk-out basement so we would have added space
  2. It was on a quiet no-wake lake - very conducive towards the "quiet sports" such as swimming, fishing, observing the birds & wildlife. We have an all sports lake next door for when my husband wants to "rip it up!"
  3. The mature trees
  4. The area - very central for our recreational interests (skiing, hiking, fishing, etc.)

Here are images of our property and the lake before our log home was built:


Jennifer Robin said...

Your lake is absolutely beautiful. Our water is the Hood Canal, a natural fjord that is half fresh water, half salt water, and very, very deep. Lovely to look at, but not nice and calm like yours!

Jen said...

Very peaceful!
We have a crick. Or is it a creek? LOL

Sandy said...

If only I had several lifetimes to visit these places.

Just beautiful and great choice.


reliv4life said...

mature trees are such a plus! We love our place, but it had NO trees...we are growing some, but they are little spindly things compared to yours! is spindly a word??? :)

Shellmo said...

Jennifer - thank you - now that the trees are blooming I can barely see it!

Jen - crick or creek - I'm not sure either - lol!

Sandy - it seems like time flies - huh? So many things on my list to see too...

Reliv - Spindly sounds likes a good word! your trees will grow...