Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rendering of our log home

Soon after my husband and I had finalized our floor plans for our log home, Hiawatha put together our final drawings including this rendering. Once I saw this rendering on paper - it then hit me that our log home dream was finally coming true. After 4 years of planning, this was the end product we had put our personal touches on.

My mother-in-law was so thoughtful and had the exterior rendering framed for us. Now, where to put it? Instead of hanging it in our log home, I'm thinking about putting it in Greg's office at work so he can still visualize being there on the days that we're not.

P.S. I tried posting our actual drawings but kept getting errors - think I need to save them as a gif or jpeg format. Either way, I will post them soon!


Constance said...

What a wonderful idea! I am a scrapbooker and intend to create a scrapbook devoted to the cabin when that time comes.

Our youngest daughter Laura and her fiance Les love to kayak. We live near Lake Lewisville and they go out frequently, enjoying the water. On our recent trip to Ontario, I loved being out on the water. However, it has to be a sizeable watercraft since I am actually afraid of water. 2 years ago, while canoeing on Caddo Lake with my Hub, we dumped our canoe and I HATED that feeling! So, yeah, like Chief Brody tells Quinn in "JAWS".

"I think we need a bigger boat!"


Rick and Dianne said...

Now I'm jealous...that rendering is a stroke of genius! Kudos to your mother-in-law for the idea of framing!

joated said...

Great idea. I should dig out my initial drawings and do the same thing.

Jen said...

Hmm wonder if I haave one?
Putting this in your husbands office is a good idea.
This reminds me of a picture we have framed. A few years ago those people that fly over head and take pictures of your home brought ours to us--for sale of course. I bought it, but it's all roof, especially because of the covered porch. It's a 'birds eye view'-- it's a picture I wouldn't ever be able to take my self, kind of neat.

Shellmo said...

Constance- I need to put together a scrap book of our cabin too - another great idea! I still think you would like a kayak...

Dianne - thank you - I am lucky to have a great mother-in-law!

Joated - absolutely - you'd be preserving your history!

Jen - I think an aerial photo sounds great too!

Sandy said...

How nice to have that framed.


reliv4life said...

congrats on your dream almost complete! What is your next dream?