Monday, November 24, 2008

2 Christmas trees please, maybe 3!

I spent last night going through my Christmas decorations, sorting out which ones I would take to the log cabin. I really want to create that "north country" feel to our place this year. I am putting up 2 Christmas trees in the cabin, one will be decorated w/ the rustic ornaments, cranberries, pine cones, etc. and the 2nd tree will be a bird theme with minature birdhouses and bird ornaments. I think the birds outside need their own tree so I'll put a small potted pine tree on our deck and decorate with edible bird treats. I'm sure the squirrels will enjoy it too.
How about you - does your Christmas tree have a theme?

By the way, check out Country Girl at Home's blog. She has decorated her front porch so beautifully. And her sun porch looks so cozy and inviting as well!

Greg bought these bird ornaments for me last Christmas. I cherish them!

Here are some old world Santas that I couldn't resist. Neither could Marvin the cat! As soon as I pulled out the Santa in the white coat, Marvin tackled it and tried eating Santa's beard. I may have to put these guys in the loft window sills so kitty can't reach!


AnnaSam said...

Wow! You just gave me a wonderful idea. I have been wanting to do a tree on my back deck and I love the idea of the bird tree! I have so many little birdhouses. Thanks for the idea. have a blessed day!

Carol said...

Looks like you have a good plan for both your trees. I put up several trees with themes. My biggest tree is our 'memory' tree, decorated with a variety of ornaments.

Dawnie said...

I have 4 trees inside my small home. The tree in our living room is a woodsy theme.

We have a small tree in our bedroom that i love having up.

A fiber optic table top tree in my dining room and a teeny tiny tree in the guest room.

On the deck I have a white tree that is very pretty lit up. I like the idea of decorating a tree for the birds!

Denise said...

When you are done decorating your cabin, will you do mine? ...then come downstate and do my house?

I have a few rustic ornaments, but can't remember what they are. We'll have to check when we go up for Thanksgiving.

Rick and Dianne said...

In years past...we do one tree and it has a Teddy Bear theme. We've always talked about doing more than one but never got to it.

We are not sure this year where the tree will go...we are just hoping we can find all the tree bears in the chaos of moving. Those bears have their own personalities and do tend to wander during the year...LOL

reliv4life said...

Boy, you are putting me in the Christmas spirit!! Lizzie told me last night - let's decorate for Christmas tomorrow!! i said, "after thanksgiving" but who knows, 3 days seems a long time now.

Karen said...

What a great idea!
Oh and to have a lucky are you.
Your decorations are just the birdhouses.

Cedar ... said...

My tree doesn't have a theme unless it is "memories"... as so many of the ornaments were gifts from friends, or handmade by my kids/grandkids over the years. I use multi-colored lights. I also have a village with park and skating rink that my younger grands love to play with.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow---you are putting me in a mood for Christmas. Think I'll start doing some decorating also. I love your old Santas. SO beautiful!!!

We just have one big tree with a hodge-podge of memories on it. OH--I do have a tiny tree that I put in our bedroom. You are much too creative for me!!!

George said...

After seeing this entry I know I'll have to start getting all the Christmas decorations to the great room. My back aches already!!

Brandi said...

I think your home is going to be lovely for the holidays.

My big tree is decorated with all our family memories. The others have a theme depending on the room they are in, fishing, baking/cookies, Wizard of Oz, Santa, Snowmen. I kind of go overboard with the trees some years.

Leedra said...

I collect Santa Claus figurines. I have a half wall between kitchen and breakfast area and they fill it. My tree is country, a collection I have been at for 30 years now. Come to think of it the Santa Claus collection has also been growing for 30 years.

MamaCat said...

Just discovered your blog--beautiful! My dh & I have dreamed of building a log home for over 20 years. Even bought land--in 2 different states! But his job in the "corporate" world keeps moving us around. I'm still hoping, though, that one day we will get to build one. It's nice to read your blog & see that someone else loves the log home style as much as I do! God bless!

This Country Girl said...


Oh how much fun you're going to have...3 fun Christmas trees to decorate for your log cabin! I LOVE those bird house ornaments! And I think it's a great idea and really nice of you to make the birds (and squirrels) their own little tree! :)

Thank you for mentioning my porches...that's nice of you! Now, I can't wait to see your Christmas decor! Gosh, a log cabin in the snow for don't know how excited that makes me! Just ask my the way..I showed him your cabin last night (the first snow picture) and he loved it too! So how often do you get to come to your cabin? I'm assuming it is a 2nd home (getaway) for you?

Happy Monday! :)

Judy said...

I love the idea of a bird tree. It sounds like so much fun. Your Santa's are so sweet.

Shellmo said...

AnnaSam - I'm so glad - I love helping the birdies eat in the winter!

Carol - I love the memory tree idea!

Dawnie - Now I'm thinking I need more trees!! :-)

Denise - sure - I love to decorate! Joann Fabrics and Garden Ridge have great rustic / north country ornaments!

Dianne - keep those bears in line - LOL!

Michele - Lizzie is so cute!

Karen - thank you - can't wait to put them all out!

Cedar - Sounds like a lovely tree!

Betsy - be sure to post photos once your decorations are up!

George - take it easy and have some hot chocolate before you drag them out! :-)

Brandi - I knew you had to have a fishing one! I hope you post pics of all your trees - I would love to see them!

Leedra - I now require you, Betsy and Brandi to show me your pics of xmas decorations - I would love to see that Santa collection!!

Mamacat - thank you for stopping by! I do hope you get your log home one day soon!

Hi Tammy - it is a 2nd home - we are usually there 3 weekends out of the month - and will be spending several weeks in December there. Can't wait!!

Judy - glad you like the bird tree idea! I hope I can make it look festive!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

We just do one tree...but I have been wanting to do a second one with vintage ornaments I have collected over the years. I just don't have room in my house for two trees. The layout is wonky and I have a hard time finding a place for one tree!

ps.. I added you to my blog roll...sorry, I thought you were there already! :-)

Anonymous said...

For the past several years my tree has had multi-colored lights with red apple ornaments and candy canes. I've been so inspired this year with all of the blogs, I'm thinking I might try a different theme.

We have two Black Hills Spruce trees in our yard that look so pretty with snow on it's branches. They are too tall now to decorate but when they were toddlers we used to put lights on them. I love the idea of a small tree on the deck with goodies for the feathered and furry ones who visit.

Jessica said...

I have one main tree in the house that really doesn't have a theme; it's a mixture of everything. Then I have a small tabletop tree that I put all my nativity ornaments on. But of course this year I'm keeping my eye open for bird ornaments.

I read on the "duncraft" bird blog about doing an outside tree with bird treats like you talked about. I think that's a great idea!

Shellmo said...

Penny - the vintage ornaments sound so nice! Thanks for adding me too!

JyLync - yours sounds so nice w/ the mix of reds w/ the multi lights!

Jessica - thank you for mentioning that duncroft blog - I'll have to check it out. I'm getting ready to make my own edible bird ornaments! :-0