Sunday, November 30, 2008

Decorating the Log Cabin for Christmas

I am about 60% complete in decorating the log cabin for Christmas. My husband and stepson were conveniently out on the ATV when I started unpacking the boxes. But I didn't mind - I had a vision of what I wanted it to look like - north country and cozy! I was a woman on a mission! Marvin the cat was too. He wanted to sniff and paw everything I pulled out.

It snowed throughout the weekend (I think close to 2 feet of snow!) and it was nice to play Christmas music, see the snow outside the cabin windows and get everything ready for the holidays. I also managed to do a lot of cooking, snow shoeing, and photographing the nature around me. Wait till you see my birdie treats!


bennie and patsy said...

You did it, your north country cozy is just right.

Jen said...

Oh that snow would have gotten me in the spirit for sure. (even though I really don't like it sometimes.. ) ha!

You've done a beautiful job!!

Denise said...

Your tree looks beautiful back there in the corner. I like how slender it is, makes it look even taller.

Sandi Keene said...

I love your deep and beautifully decorated window sills! Looks so idyllic.

Naturegirl said...

The cabin looks oh so cozy! Love the view from the window..fireplace on and a cup of hot chocolate is all that's needed! Oh Marvin looks so comfy under the tree! purzzzzzzzzzzzz..NG

Anonymous said...

The log cabin is such a perfect setting for Christmas decorations. It looks beautiful. I'm ready for a mug of hot chocolate, a good book or movie, and some Christmas music.

Carol said...

Your cabin is so warm & inviting with all the beautiful decorations!

reliv4life said...

It looks so beautiful!! Thanks for the prayer - they are working, so keep it up until tues, ok? thanks!!

Cedar ... said...

ohhhh Shelley,... the cabin looks like it should be featured in a magazine! Beautiful!

Knatolee said...

Oh my, what a beautiful decorating job you did!!

Dawnie said...

you did great! I would rather decorate without the men anyhow--all they do is move what we put up, fart and want something to eat!

Constance said...

Oh my, I have missed visiting your blog this past week or more! You have some beautiful pictures of the cabin posted! I am dragging out the Christmas decorations today and will begin the job of getting the house up and running for the Holiday. I really wanted to get it done before we went out of town but my life was too crazy (wedding repainting and so on!) I am ready to swing by and prop my feet up and visit you in your "snug as a bug" lovely home!

Regarding the Santa photo: There may be the stop hand on the signal but how much you want to bet the driver used a hand gesture of his own! Ha ha!

Lady of the Mote said...

How Beautiful what a wonderful place to spend Christmas,beautiful home.

Jessica said...

it almost looks magical. I love it. Especially the snow outside the windows! I can't wait to see the biddy treats.

By the way... Rebecca said she wasn't accepting any more new jobs until march because they are going to china soon to get their adoptive son. But it's worth emailing and asking her. Thanks for the compliment on my design. I'm so happy with it!

Leedra said...

You did good, and it is so lovely. I got most of mine done yesterday, with the help of my husband.

Judy said...

How beautiful. Your cabin looks so comfy and inviting.

Mona at Cabin and Camp said...

It looks GORGEOUS! Alas, I don't do much up here because we head downstate around the 20th, where my daughter goes all out at her house for Christmas. My beautiful decorations are all boxed up, except for a few that I HAVE to put out, just because.

We head down south for the winter, but I'll be watching your snowy blog posts for a taste of Michigan while I'm gone.

Cassie said...

Your pictures are superb and just makes your cabin so inviting.I sure hope there is a ski mountain near you, with all that snow!

Anonymous said...

Every thing looks so warm and lovely. You did a wonderful job. It looks so peaceful. thank you for sharing.

Jackie said...

Everything looks great. So cozy and festive.
Glad to see that there is snow, and so much of it. Good for the economy up there! BTW, where did you get your tree? I'm looking for a tall slim tree so we can fit family and tree into the same room!

Shellmo said...

B&P - glad you think so!!

Jen - Thank you!

Denise - I moved the tree a couple times before I settled on that corner. Of course I broke 2 ornaments in the process - lol!

Sandi - Glad you like them - I love decorating those sills.

Naturegirl - Marvin the cat will definitely vouch for it being cozy - ha,ha! :-)

JyLync - a mug of hot chocolate sounds good to me!!

Carol - thank you very much!

Michele - still praying... big hugs to you!

Cedar - I saved so many of those log magazines - especially the ones that featured christmas decor - I couldn't wait to do my own! :-)

Knatolee - you are very kind!

Dawnie - LOL! you must know my hubby and stepson! ha,ha! :-)

Connie - welcome home! can't wait to see your decorations!

Lady of the Mote - thank you - I am very grateful!

Jessica - rats that Rebecca won't be able to help me but happy that she will be getting her new son!!

Leedra - I hope you post some pics for me!

Judy - you are very nice - thank you!

Mona - I'm sure I'll have plenty of snow to show you over the next few months - ha,ha!

Cassie - there is a couple small ski hills by me that I will be swooshing down!

Charli - thank you for your nice comments!

Hi Jackie - I found the tree at Garden Ridge! They have a great selection!

Anonymous said...

Your cabin is looking great!! That is more snow than I would want to deal with. In my "younger" days I would have LOVED it but now I don't know! Stay warm and enjoy!

marnie said...

Your cabin looks beautiful all decked out for Christmas! What a great job you did.
Love visiting with you.

Catherine Holman said...

Wow! Two feet of snow!!! Sounds wonderful to me. I love to be snowed in. Your cabin looks so warm and cozy and I love the chandelier above the table!

This Country Girl said...

It's absolutely gorgeous, Shelley! It is SO cozy and inviting! A log cabin at Christmas with a view like yours just can't be beat! I love, love, love it! Can I come visit now?


George said...

You've done a beautiful job with your decoration project thus far. Any of your pictures would make a great Christmas card.

cabinhaus said...

you've inspired me to get going on decorating my cabin. I've been sick with a bad cold, congestion, cough etc for almost two weeks so haven't felt like doing much of anything.