Thursday, July 24, 2008

Building a Loon's nest

On top of the kitchen cupboards, I am building a Loon's nest. It seems appropriate since we named our Log Cabin "The Loon's Nest." I have a couple Loon decoys, bird houses, greenery, a goldfinch in the nest. I need more Loons. Now I'm thinking I have to find that elusive electrician to put a plug up there for me so at Christmas time I can plug in some white lights behind the Loons and birdhouses. Maybe I'll have white lights up there year round! Maybe the Loons would like other friends such as Wood Duck?! Hmm...I can see I'm already running out of cupboard space.

P.S. If you like wooden duck decoys, I found a great price for them online at Moose-R-Us


Brandi said...

It looks great!

Constance said...

I cecked the website out and they have some nice decoys! I have always been partial to Canada Geese myself! I like the decor on top of your cabinets. Granted, we're not in our cabin yet but I have done the same thing here at home with antique kitchen stuff (scale, ice cream freezer, etc). It always makes things look more homey!


SandyVTW said...

looking good Shelley!

Jen said...

Good idea. I didn't have lights put up either. BUT I bought those rope lights a couple years ago and put them up there. They plug in; it's a very nice effect of lighting. I just ran an extension behing the frig. Maybe you could do that while you wait for the electrician.

Bobbi said...

What a neat idea!

I love raccoons, so my bathroom is decorated with all raccoons: pictures, ornaments, figurines - you name it!

Sandy said...

I wanna sit it all lit up some day...This is SOOO cool.

Rick and Dianne said...

I really love what you have done over the cabinets. It certainly fits with the "Loon's Nest" theme. And I think the white lights are just a brilliant idea. With your open floor plan I'm sure it will look gorgeous all year long, and a really great way to add ambiance and a soft glow when the lights are off in the kitchen.

Constance said...

I forgot to mention tht I have lights on top of my kitchen cabinets as well. I use the clear lights that come out at Christmas. This past year, when mine burned out, I replaced them with red ones. I haven't liked them as well and will switch back once I feel like dragging all of my Christmas decor out of the shed!


Shellmo said...

brandi - thank you!

Constance - glad you liked the site!

Sandy - thanks!

Jen - might have to check out those rope lights too!

Bobbi - isn't it fun to express your interests in your home?!

Sandy - I just need to get my hands on that electrician - hopefully i'll be able to show you something in the near future.

Dianne - thank you - I just love the ambiance you mentioned.