Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I love Guineas!


I have developed a secret obsession (well not a secret anymore after this post!) for guineas! I'm already thinking of another log home in the future where I have a lot of land and then I can have guineas roaming around like my friend Eve. Eve at Sunnyside Up is responsible for me loving these guineas as she has a big flock of them! They do the funniest things, like standing on her daughter's head, knocking on her front door to come in and watching satellite t.v. You must go to her blog and play that video of them knocking on her door - hilarious!! And their feathers - they are so beautiful! Eve sent me some that I put in a vase. Yep, I'm obsessed!

My husband is shaking his head and saying "Shelley, I let you have a cat. I'm going to let you have a big dog. There's no room for the goat. And what do these guineas do?"

Honey, it doesn't matter. I just love them!

P.S. Thank you Eve for letting me post your wonderful photos!


Eve said...

This is so sweet Shelley! Guineas would go very nicely with a log home!! I can hear their "BUCKWHEAT" echoing through the forest!!!

Jessica said...

You are absolutely right about these birds. They are wonderful. My parents always had guineas while I was growing up. They have such personality. They follow my Mom all around the garden keeping her company. You definitely need some guineas!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Okay Shell, I'm gonna start calling your log cabin a log 'zoo.' ha ha ha


Sandy said...

wow, I'm going to whine a bit. I don't have anything like that around my yard!

joated said...

Jessica said: "They have such personality."

While they are lovely to look at and no doubt taste great (to me they look like large popsicles on a stick), I've heard they can be dumber than a bag of rocks.

A flock of regular hens can be quickly taught to return to a chicken house to roost at night making it easier to locate the morning eggs. Not so the Guineas! They would prefer to take their chances with fox, raccoon and 'possum out in the wilds of the brush. And unlike a wild turkey who will at least find itself a nice tree to sit in over night, the Guineas I have known will be on the ground well after dark.

Still, I wouldn't mind a half dozen or so scratching around the lawn and gobbling up grasshoppers. They are pretty birds.

George said...

Shelley, while guineas might be very pretty, I can understand your husband's question! Maybe it's a man thing.

Anonymous said...

We have a lot of chicken here and they are a lot of fun. They are a passion of Stacey's. When we lived in Winthrop, the landlords had a lot of peacocks and peahens and they were comical and interesting to watch from day to day. They were quite loud at times though, and every morning they would land on our roof and wake us up like a good alarm clock.

Patty said...

We have a childrens farm here and they have guineas. I love the colors in the feathers. I'm a city gal, but my grandparents and one of my uncles had chickens when I was growing up. I love them I would have some now if I thought I could raise them in an apartment ha ha.

Anonymous said...

I loved the video of the guinea knocking on the screen door. I wonder what it really wanted or what would have happened if she let it inside. Mass Chaos perhaps?

Leedra said...

He didn't mention your loons?

Jennifer said...

I love guineas, too. They remind me a lot of the pheasants we have here in England. We have one that comes to the bird feeders every morning. He prefers peanuts above everything else and gobbles down grapes!

Jackie said...

I've told my husband I want to have Guineas when we retire and move out of town.
My aunt and uncle always had a few Guineas on their farm, and as a child I found them less scary than the chickens. When I was in HS, a friend's family kept Guineas on their property as a type of "watchdog"! If a car drove up the lane to the house, the Guineas made such a racket everyone in the house knew about it.

Barbara said...

Shelly..you go girl and get those guineas...we have 6 dogs, 5 cats and about 40 goats. Life is fun, interesting and heart breaking with animals, but I would not trade a day.
Have a great day.

Kath said...

LOL...I so thought (when I saw your post title) ya meant guinea pigs! :)
The guy up the road from us has some they are really neat!
He has chickens and homing pigeons too-the guy a bit farther up the road has turkey...I had ducks...HAD :(
I'm happy ya have a passion for these birds...I think guinea pigs fall under the "rodent" catagory?! ;)


Cedar ... said...

My only memory of these birds was when I was dating my husband. His mother had guinea hens and they were protective. They would chase me and nip at me when I got out of the car,... so I won't be having any here. See Shelley,.. that leaves more for you! :)

Michelle Dawn said...

They are pretty.

Lady of the Mote said...

I love the hens,I hope you get a chance to own a few,I had pet chickens years ago and it was fun,

Tami said...

Oh...come on now Cabin Man....what could a few Ginny fowl possible do to harm the place? Nothing I say. And just imagine the gratitude that your happy wife could bestow upon you.

Brandi said...

They are beautiful! And I love to hear them.

They make great watch "dogs" too! My grandmother used to have one in her backyard in the city. She always knew when someone was coming to close to her house.

Love the pictures too!

Pam at Antique or Not said...

Oh my goodness, how neat are those! We have kitties and hubby wants a big dog once we finally move out to some acreage. I told him I want some goats and chickens and he just shakes his head at me...

df said...

They are beautiful...just curious though...what would the cat think of them? df

Shellmo said...

Eve - I have my "field of dreams" - :)

Jessica - Just from reading Eve's blog I can tell what great personalities they have! :)

Betsy - The hubby told me I'm not allowed to have a zoo. So now I'll ask for a farm. ha,ha

Sandy - Wouldn't these be fun to watch?

Joated - my husband is not allowed to read your post - ha,ha!

George - he's still scratching his head wondering how I convinced him to let me get the cat! :)

Natural Moments - I love animals so much and while I know its not feasible to own every animal, I love dreaming about them.

Patty - there's a good blog on my sidebar called "Chickens in the Road" - her chickens and goats are a hoot!

Jylyn - lol! You have to wonder!

Leedra - I think I got him hooked on the loons. He was agreeable to getting about at 5 in the morning this past summer to go kayaking on the lake so I could find them.

Jennifer - I think pheasants are just one of the most beautiful birds!

Jackie -I've had a few people tell me about their watchdog ability - they just seem like such neat bird characters!

Barbara - your place must be really fun!! I'm envious!

Kath - lol at the guinea pigs! The hubby would say no to that too!

Cedar - awww, give them a 2nd chance!

Michelle - I think so - their feathers have such neat patterns.

Lady of the Mote - I have considered chickens....

Tami - If only it was so easy to convince him.... ha,ha!

Brandi - I am just so fascinated by them!

Pam - A big dog is on my list...!

DF - I'd probably have to keep marvin locked up!

Eve said...

If I can get my dog Ole not to eat the guineas, you can get the guineas not to eat Marvin!!!!

AnnaSam said...

They are so cute Shelly!! I say "go for it" And we bought the pink car at toys r us for our granddaughter. It is the Barbie mustang! I am sure your niece would love it! Thanks for visiting! Have a blessed day!

April said...

Hi Shelley!

So glad you stopped by today! You're welcome back anytime! I love to meet new folks!

Actually, you are living out MY dream, too, of building a log home! I am so jealous! From what I can tell, it is gorgeous!

Love the photos of the guineas! Have a great evening!

Cassie said...

That's pretty funny.I didn't even know what a guinea was.Hard to believe they have personality(like Jessica said),but then I've heard chickens do & that was really hard to belive!

Ginger said...

Shelley, I think it's a great idea. I've heard about those birds. I am hoping to get some chickens in the spring...I love to see them running around, just have to watch out for the coyotes here.

Bobbi said...

I think guineas are fascinating creatures! And they'll take care of any tick problems in your yard!