Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Decorating the log cabin

I am slowly getting our loft space decorated at the log cabin. Right now it has a queen bed and a twin bed - perfect for guests. I've been on the hunt for a love seat and chair to create a small sitting area for reading and listening to music. I also added a few other touches around the cabin. Here's my progress so far....

We put up some blinds and hung up 2 decorative bronze metal stars on the walls.

See my $10 lamp from Garden Ridge? It has a bronze star base - I just love it!

At the stair landing, I hung up a Black-capped chickadee print my mother passed along to me.

I picked up these 2 painted ducks at a flea market and put them on top of our fireplace. Got the pair for only $5! What bargain places do you like to shop at to decorate your home?


Anonymous said...

I'm not a personal fan (because I usually never have luck there), but I know a lot of folks like to try Building 19. Happy decorating!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

It's looking good! Thanks for sending the snow faries my way. I really enjoyed seeing the snow!

I shop at flea markets, antique malls, thrift stores and I love going to auctions.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Shell, I love the star theme in your loft. You are doing such a great job fixing the log cabin up.. I LOVE it.


Dawnie said...

very nice! i like the bed colors, i find that color so soothing.

for me, I dont really have a favorite place, but I do like Marshalls, Home Goods, Steinmart and Kirklands.

John Poole said...


I really like that fleur-de-lis clock! Somehow, the squiggly legs make it look like it's alive -- like it's about to walk away on its own accord (after giving you the time, of course).

There are ton of antique/collectible places in my area. I usually go to any one of them when looking for decorative pieces or odds and ends.

- John

Constance said...

Those stars look like you have a Texas theme going on there! Woo-Hoo!

I enjoy the antique stores, always on the prowl for antique glassware or dishware at a great pice!

This Country Girl said...


Well you probably know how much I love your stars! I have a "thing" for stars...I can't get enough of them! Love the ducks too! They all fit right into your log cabin beautifully!

My favorite bargain places...let's see Goodwill, and other thrift stores and I do love my Gordmans and Hobby Lobby for a good deal too!


The White Bench said...

I absolutely LOVE all!
I love shopping at thrift shops... you can end up with having gorgeous things others discarded for a song!
I also meant to say I'm hosting a giveaway!

wendy said...

Yes, I love it!

Cedar ... said...

I was always a flea market shopper. I especially enjoyed depression era china and glass. I looks like your loft will be a cozy retreat!

April said...

Just keeps getting prettier all the time! I have had such good luck finding things at Hobby Lobby when they have their clearance sales. I can't keep away from that place!

Lady of the Mote said...

it's looking great!

Dawnie said...

Hey Shelly, I just had an idea for your cabin,,well just a thought. I actually dreamed it--lol. Your little steps would like so great with those braided runners or stair pads on them. Have you ever seen those?

Jen said...

Lovely as always *****

I like to shop where they have those signs that say- SALE.

reliv4life said...

hey shelley!! it looks amazing! yea. I can't even think of the last time I acually had to buy anything for the house. I seem to inherit all sorts of wonderful things from my parents, sean's parents, we have alot of stuff from all of our grandparents. Recently my niece wanted new bedding, curtains, etc... so Lizzie inherited it and it is like brand new. I am lucky I suppose.

ctlogcabin said...

Morning Shelley ~~ Love the cozy look of sleeping under the eves,your guests are very lucky indeed.
I haven't been shopping in so long I have no idea where to get any bargains. lol
Fortunately I don't need anything ...except maybe the shopping experience itself...I do have a small case of Cabin Fever. :)
Hugs ~ Connie xox

Mary Helen said...

It's been so long since I've visited...looks like I've missed a lot, everything you do is so very nice, you sure know how to make a house a home

Denise said...

Everything is looking so nice!

I love to shop for thrifty bargains at the thrift store, garage sales and my all time favorite Goodwill.

Have a great day, Denise

Catherine Holman said...

It's looking great! I love the starts and the lamp! We went flea market shopping last week.

Sharon said...

Love what your doing. How about some of your beautiful photos enlarged. I think that would be perfect and have real meaning for you. Sharon

The Brat Pack said...

Love those painted ducks! Everything looks great.


Kath said...

Love it, Shelley! Everything looks great.

So I'm wonderin', WANT COMPANY???! :)

It just looks so peaceful!

Enjoy your evening.

I like that light hanging above your stairs too!

grammy said...

Things are looking great. Seems like you are having fun too (o: Have you been keeping up with the decorating of the Lodge at thepioneerwoman.com It is fun to watch, but defiantly out of my category.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelley,
Everything looks so nice. I make the rounds when I decide to do a little decorating and go to all of the stores in my area. I wouldn't recomend it though. By the time I look at everything and decide I wanted something I saw in the frist store it's usually gone LOL

Shellmo said...

Cam - never heard of building 19 - but sounds interesting!

Penny - I already knew that you would know all the best places! You always have the nicest things in your home!

Betsy - thank you! A work in progress...forever...ha!

Dawnie - You reminded me. I need to check out home goods again!

John - glad you liked me clock! I got it on sale at Garden Ridge for $10! And it tells the time on both sides!

Connie - I need some Texas spirit!! :)

Tammy - I need to find out if there's a hobby lobby somewhere in the state of michigan! Someone mentioned it to me before on my blog.

Monica - I know your giveaway is going to be great!!

Wendy - thank you!

Cedar - I really need to be hitting up some flea markets! I'm hoping to find some headboards and side tables.

April - you're now the 3rd person to mention hobby lobby! I must be living under a rock not have heard of it! lol!

Lady of the mote - thanks so much!

Dawnie - I haven't! Where's a good website to check it out??

Jen - SALE and 1/2 OFF are my favorites too!

Michele - I need a family like yours! How generous! Wait - I just remembered that my dad gave me my grandfathers' dining set for the cabin. Okay - they're off the hook.

Kady - sometimes I take a nap in the loft cuz I love lying back to look at the logs and i like the coziness of the eaves like you mentioned.

Hi mary Helen! Nice to see you! I'll be over to visit too!!

Denise - I need to find a goodwill shop too - I forget that you can find treasures there as well!!

Hi cathie - I bet you picked up some great items!

Sharon - I've been thinking about that. It's so hard for me to choose - I may enlarge some of my bird photos... thanks for the idea!

Brat Pack - those ducks were calling my name! :)

Kath - yes - I always want company! The rule is - you have to bring me either cookies or pies...

Grammy - I have been to her site but I didn't check out the lodge until you just mentioned it now. Wow - massive and beautiful! I think my whole cabin can fit just in that one room - lol!

Charli - I do the "maybe later" thing too! lol!

Bobbi Jo said...

Looks great! What deals you got too. Good job!! Hugs,Bobbi Jo

Michele Wassell said...

I love your cabin... Its looking great!!

Just a little something from Judy said...

I think that you should be careful in showing all of us your newly decorated loft/guest room. You could be receiving lots of visitors. It looks so cozy, and so perfectly decorated for a log cabin. I really like the picture from your mother, in the stairway. You definitely have a gift for decorating. It looks so nice!

Winifred said...

Your house looks really lovely. That wood looks so warm and cosy.

Ginger said...

It looks so nice Shelley. And you did find some bargains, didn't you? I love them.

Marcy said...

Hi! First time here... just wanted to tell you I'm enjoying reading about your cabin. We built an 800 sq ft cabin in Colorado last summer... ours is very rustic... furnishings are hand-me-downs, antique/thrift store finds, and even a few things picked up off curbs!