Monday, March 9, 2009

Time for Easter Decorating?

I've had a few people tell me it's too early to decorate for Easter yet. (I won't mention names but he's the one who's responsible for the deer head hanging in our log cabin that watches my every move!) In the guest room I added this sweet little bunny and an easter egg candle on the table. I have more things to add but I'm restraining myself for another week. Then I am putting out my Easter Egg Tree, my little bunnies on top of the fireplace...oh the Easter decorating possibilites are endless! Now this person is saying the guest room is starting to look too chicky. Hmm.....I don't think I'll tell him what I have planned for the rest of the cabin yet. It might include some bunny ears for his deer head.

P.S. The Michigan Audubon Conference went well - thought I would be nervous speaking but it turns out I like to talk alot! Go figure!! One funny story - I was in a presentation on the Loons (which you know is my favorite bird) and a guy behind me kept falling asleep and snoring and belching throughout it! I mean c'mon! They're talking about Loons buddy! This is fascinating stuff!!


Constance said...

At least he wasn't doing that when YOU were talking! I think Bunny ears on the deer head would be great! Make sure you get a picture of that for all of us!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

It's never too early to decorate for Easter! I've got my rabbits up and looking very cute but haven't had a chance to take any photos just yet.

So happy your presentation went so well! It's pretty interesting how the butterflies fly away once you're out there talking about a subject you love! I've always love the song of loons and wrote a couple of stories about learning to love the lake as a teenager. I can still hear that lovely lullaby of the loon.

Hi ! I'm Cindy said...

Those antlers definitely need some bunny ears!! Then we need photos of them AND the look on his face!! LOL!!!

Screen Door said...

I love your Bunnie... Easter and Spring decorating is always fun. My house has much of the "Cabin Colors" of Pine green and Khaki--- but I love finding ways to turn the colors into pring time decorations. Maybe I can post a bunny this week.....

Dawnie said...

cute little Easter stuff....where was this guys wife--she could have smacked him across his

reliv4life said...

too funny! NO it is not too early to decorate for easter - MEN! :)

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I don't think it's to early for Easter things either but men think differently than us.:) I'd add the bunny ears definitely...pleas let us know his reaction:)

PS Love the green wicker chair!

Just a little something from Judy said...

That table and chair looks like the perfect cozy place to sit and drink my hot cups of coffee. I look forward to more of your decorating pictures.

Anonymous said...

Happy decorating! And I may have bought a few bags of Easter Candy at Target yesterday :)

Re the snoring & belching - Gross. If I had the mic I would have paused and said - Somebody wake that guy up!

April said...

Oh, it's never too early to begin decorating for Easter!!! That's too funny about that guy falling asleep and doing what he did. I would have gotten so tickled!

Dawn said...

i love your start on easter decorations!! i am thankful that htis year there is enough time to have both st. patrick's day and easter decorations... so i am holding off... just a bit! sorry you had a snoozer in the crowd... some people!!

Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Blink and we will be decorating for July 4th. Adding Easter decorations a few at time might be the way to go!

Cedar ... said...

Yes,...bunny ears on the deer's head. And a photo on your blog! I'm glad your conference went well. I'd have been looking for a hidden camera when that man was snoring,.. sort of a "Candid Camera" trick!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Bunny ears on the deer head would look so cute!

Glad your presentation went well!

Sharon said...

How could he!!!! Shame on him. Yes to the bunny ears!!!Sharon

Jen said...

I think you should get Greg a Jackalope for Easter, then he'll leave you alone.

Caroline said...

Rabbits ears on the deer that would look so cool!!. Go for it. I Just haven't decieded if I want a post done on the deers head or a post on DH's reaction.

I think someone should have given that rude man a poke & woke him up.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see the bunny ears on the mose head LOL
Your Easter decorations are just lovely! All of those men think the same way but what do they know :>)

grammy said...

Like the Easter stuff. We don't get to keep it out that long, so might as well start now (o: Sounds like you had fun with your presentation. Bunny antlers? Well there is the jackalope.

joated said...

I was going to say something about you being one of those who insists on decorating for every single holiday and then I realized you skipped St. Patty's Day and went right to Easter!

You need a few leprechans around and about the cabin. Maybe tucked into the woods outside as well.

American Way Farm said...

You have got to post a photo of the bunny ears on the deer head! -Sandy

Shellmo said...

Connie - I would've had to interupt my speech to have woken that guy up - LOL!

Coralie - Look forward to seeing your rabbit decorations! I love the loons song too!

Hi Cindy - I will try to provide both - LOL!

Screen Door - Yes - please post your bunny!

Dawnie - LOL - his wife WAS sitting next to him and nudged him a couple times. I am betting they didn't have a nice car ride home - ha,ha!

Michele - after Easter I'm going to need another holiday to decorate - 4th of July is too far away. Hmmm....

Rondell - I will try to get bunny ears up in the next couple weeks on his deer head - I'll make sure to have the camera.... tee hee!

Judy - thank you! I love decorating my guest room - I have more things planned! I saw a small dresser painted w/ birds and flowers which would go perfect w/ my bird theme!

Cam - me too! I was surprised the speaker didn't ask him "hey am I keeping you up buddy?"

April - I almost burst out laughing when he snored and then belched within 1 minute! :)

Dawn - I did neglect St. Pats...oh well! That snoozer was in another guy's session - thank goodness! Plus I wouldn've have been as nice to have let that go... ha,ha!

Denise - 4th of july is definitely something to look forward to!!

cedar - I did think that guy was playing a prank! It was crazy!

Penny- do you know where I can get some good bunny ears?? :-)

Sharon - Maybe I'll give that deer an easter basket too! ha,ha!

Jen - I totally forgot about the Jackalope!! Pure Genius!

Caroline - I'll try to take pics of both! I did turn around to look at that man and coughed to wake him up. Crazy!!

Charli - it's all in good fun!! Gotta love him!

Grammy - I may have to get bunny ears for my cat too!

Joated - I did make St. Pat cookies this past weekend - a little early I know!

NCmountainwoman said...

I laughed out loud at the sleeping guy! There seems to be one in every crowd.'s not too soon for Easter decorating. Unless you are really caught up in St. Paddy's, then anytime after Ash Wedesday is Easter decorating time.

I'm thinking some of the Easter tree ornaments hanging on the antlers might add a nice touch.

Carol said...

Hi Shelley!
Congratulations on having a new nephew!
I'm feeling the urge to do a little Easter decorating too!

Robin @ My Blessed Nest said...

Just found your blogs...what wonderful bird photos you have taken! We don't have a log cabin, but we do have a lake house that we are working on and enjoying. Isn't it nice to get away for awhile?!

Blessings this week!

Darla said...

Come enter my give-a-way and choose a color to match your decor!

CabinFever said...

Hi Shelley,
I just found your blog and I love it! It's made me have hope in our little venture of building a cabin in Vermont. I'd love to add you to our blog roll.
If you'd like to see ours, it's at

Just a little something from Judy said...

In answer to your question, I do not know the calorie content of the chicken casserole. Maybe that will make it taste better to you. I did use light mayo and lowfat milk...that would help, right?

This Country Girl said...

Now if you put bunny ears on the deer's head, I want to see a picture of that! Okay, now I dare ya! :) I mean it's only fair, right? His deer head, with your bunny ears!

Glad to hear the speech went well!


Catherine Holman said...

Make sure you photograph that deer head with the bunny ears for us!

The White Bench said...

Ha ha!:)
Glad to hear the presentation went well!
.... Bunnies? Easter tree?? What are you waiting for????

Heather said...

Oh your log cabin looks so cozy. I love how you decorate for every holiday. I guess Greg did his own "manly" decorating, huh? That's horrible about the snoring, belching guy at the Loon presentation - why did he even bother?! The Loon Ranger should have given him a citation for not paying attention!