Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Loon Ranger Rides Again!

I believe it was Carolyn at Mountain Musings who joked to me that the "Loon Ranger rides again" in reference to my loons returning to the lake at our log cabin. That made me laugh! But it is true - I am a Michigan Loon Ranger. I will be monitoring the Loons on our lake and recording data as well as making sure they stay safe.

I found a wonderful poem that I recently posted on one of my 20 million blogs (Ha! Poor Leedra & Betsy who are so kind to read all my blogs!) that I would like to share with you.

Lakehood - a poem by Loons Forever

a lake
needs a loon
to laugh with the moon
to be a lake

By the way, I'm getting tired of shooting these far away shots of my Loons so I am headed out on my kayak this week to get some better photographs. I don't care how cold it is. Hopefully I don't tip. Because then I would wreck my camera before succumbing to hypothermia.....

Also, if you've thought about getting a kayak - now is the time to do it! There are great sales at Dick's Sporting Goods and REI.

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Constance said...

Our daughter Laura married into a family of "sailors". Me, I am a land lubber! Laura and Les regularly go kayaking and "Les' dad just finished restoring a sailboat that they've taken out 2-3 time already. Ever since I went overboard in the canoe and ruined Dave's camera, I only want to be in a BIGGER watercraft! Stupid canoe!

Just a little something from Judy said...

I want you to know Shelley, that I am excited that you are going to be offering the blog world some great close-up photos of the Loons. I never saw one in real life and I must admit, they intrique me. I am not sure that kayaking is for me, although it looks like it would be a relaxing sport. I am more into speed boats. My brother-in-law has provided that pasttime for our family, and it is always so much fun. Be careful in the kayak.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Great loony picture.
Ummm, you better not tip, we will miss you and your 20 million blogs!!!!

Cedar ... said...

Is there a movement in your area to discourage the use of lead sinkers on fishing lines? Big push here to "Get the Lead Out"...

A loon is pictured on the poster.

The Retired One said...

Be careful on that kayak!!! But I will look forward to seeing your fantastic up-close-and-personal shots of the loons!!

The Retirement Chronicles

Brandi said...

I just love the loon pictures! Be careful going out in that kayak! I only like a bigger boat myself!!!


Ilan said...

Great photo!
Very nicely captured, love it.
I really enjoy your blog :P

Denise said...

Brrr! I got the chills just thinking about the kayak!

Can't wait to see some extreme close ups!


Bobbi said...

Shelley, you are too "loony"! Great pix!

Sharon said...

Be careful. I think I could get in a kayak but it would take a crew to get me out.LOL Love your loons. Plus you should get a waterproof bag for the camera. I don't think they make them big enoght for people yet. Sharon

NCmountainwoman said...

Hooray for the loons! I do love seeing your photographs of them.

I cannot imagine handling a kayak and a camera at the same time. Way to go!

April said...

I've tipped out of a canoe before...not fun, so be careful! I'm sure you'll come back with amazing shots for all of us to see! Can't wait!

George said...

I look forward to more loon pictures, but please be careful in that kayak. We definitely would miss you!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hey Girlfriend, I LOVE all of your blogs--even when you post the same thing on all of them (which is rare)... I wouldn't go to all of them if they weren't so GOOD.....

Well---Loon Ranger, I hope you can get some close-ups this week on the lake. BUT--be careful not to TIP!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the poem and the pictures of the loons. Brcareful out on the lake though.

Shellmo said...

Connie - sorry to hear you tipped in your canoe! It is risky to take the camera on a canoe or kayak!

Judy - The loons are so fascinating to watch - I know you'd love it! :) Speed boats are fun too! When I kayak, I like a calm lake.

Suz - LOL! Now watch me tip....

Cedar - there is! And thank you for that link! I believe they are sending us a notice for our loon ranger kit so we can post these at the boat launch.

Retired One - Wish me luck on the weather and the loons!

Brandi - Thank you! I promise to be careful! :)

LLan - thank you and kind of you to visit my blog!! Please come again!

Denise - I've been checking the forecast daily - I keep praying for sun! :)

Bobbi - I'm definitely Loony! My hubby can vouch for that! Ha!

Sharon - thanks for the idea for the waterproof bag! I'm going to go searching for one tomorrow!

NC - last year I was so slow and cautious w/ the camera around my neck. I would bring the kayak to a stop and lay the paddle across my lap. Hopefully nothing bad happens this year - just my luck!

April - I hope so! I figure I have all summer to photograph them so I have to be able to get at least one halfway decent shot.

George - thank you! I'll be careful!!

Betsy - you're so sweet! I really appreciate and look forward to your visits!! :)

Charli - glad you liked the poem! I think I would like to write it out in calligraphy and frame it along w/ a loon photo. :)

grammy said...

You be carful out there on a kayak in freezing weather (o: Just couldn't resist. Have fun and take great pictures. I put mu fox pics up even though they are not that great.

Knatolee said...

Shelley, do you have roof racks for your vehicle, to transport your kayaks? We are looking for a new set-up, that makes it easier to take the kayaks on and off. Right now it involves a lot of laborious strapping and unstrapping and stuff....

Kayaks ROCK!

Shellmo said...

Grammy - I loved seeing those fox photos!!

Knatolee- you are going to laugh but we just throw them in the back of our Mariner w/ them half hanging out! But we do plan on getting racks this year!

Leedra said...

I would be scared to take my camera in a kayak....I would be scared to get in a kayak without my camera. :)

Leedra’s Photos For FunLeedra’s Greeting CardsPhotography By Leedra

Heather said...

Be careful out on the water - I bet it's still plenty cold. I'm still scared to take my camera in my kayak - I've been known to drop/lose precious things into the deep of the water while in my kayak (like my engagement ring!!!!! I cried for days, but Dave was so comforting... thank goodness!)

Knatolee said...

hee hee... I wish we could do that with OUR kayaks but our largest vehicle is a Mazda Protege 5 hatchback!